How to Make Fire Safety Fun for Kids

Did you know? The United States Fire Administration (USFA) says children set over 100,000 fires each year. They also make up nearly 25% of fire-related deaths. Plus, about 40% of fires that kill children under five years old started because children play with fire. 

Kids don’t always know the consequences of their actions and how to react during fire emergencies. If you want to ensure your children’s safety during a fire emergency, stick around. 

In this post, we’ll talk about how to make fire safety fun for kids so they get prepared, not scared. 

How to Make Fire Safety Fun for Kids

Here are some ideas to make fire safety fun for kids: 

1. Create a Fire Escape Plan With Your Kids

create a fire escape plan with your kids

Sit down with your kids to make a home fire escape plan

Start by drawing a simple house plan. Then, mark each room and draw arrows pointing to the exit. Next, tell your kids where to meet once they exit your house. 

The more familiar your children are with the family escape plan, the more they learn how to quickly escape a burning house

2. Plan a Fire Drill With Them

plan a fire drill with them

You can also practice a fire drill for your children. 

Assign one kid every day to hold a bell or an alarm. Let them pick a time to ring or activate it. They must shout, “Fire! Fire!” and the other kids must evacuate. 

You can also set up some roadblocks or obstacles (e.g., imaginary fire or debris) from time to time to indicate that kids can’t escape the house through that route. 

3. Play Bubble Escape

play bubble escape

Help your kids practice crawling low to the ground by blowing bubbles a few feet off the floor. Then, instruct them to crawl under the bubbles, which represent flames or smoke. Each child should reach the exit without letting any bubbles land on them. 

4. Play Stop, Drop & Roll

play stop, drop & roll

Stop, drop, and roll is an essential fire safety technique that has saved countless lives. You can turn it into a fun game for kids so they can remember it. 

Prepare some imaginary flames by cutting orange and red felt. Ask your kids to form a circle and tell them they must stop, drop, and roll when you place a felt flame on them. Instruct the other kids to chant, “Stop, drop, and roll,” as the flame comes off the kid who rolls on the floor. 

5. Read Books

read books

You can also make fire safety fun for kids by reading children’s books about fire safety. There are many child-friendly books that you can download or order online. 


Making fire safety fun for kids lets them easily remember what they should do during a fire emergency. It also helps reduce their fear of fire. 

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