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They all were gifts. I'm just glad I have them for now

Haven’t used it. But I’ll be prepared. Shipped quickly, as described

Gr8 product

Necessary for every home.

Good deal!

I ordered 4 and gave one to each of my family member's. Thank you! 😊

Having the blanket close at hand gives me a good sense of well being!

Good product

I feel much safer now, when I stay in a hotel, or even on boardship

Shipping Protection

I wasn’t concerned about the shipping aspect…

I only bought one for myself but I think a hook could come with each blanket. Mine is up and ready. Thank you!

I purchased a blanket for each one of my children’s families. When my family was young money was tight so I wanted them to have resources to protect themselves. This is their Christmas present.

Love it

Love it

Luckily we haven’t had to use it yet, but we’re hoping it works as shown in the ad.

Got order fast

We already had to use and it worked perfectly

Peace of mind having it handy in kitchen if something were to happen. Here’s hoping I never have to use it.

They arrived very quick. Hopefully never have to use them. But knowing how they will work is peace of mind.

Gives me peace of mind to know that I have them & my kids have them too. Looks easy to use& though I haven’t had to use it, happy it is there if I ever should need to!

Seems much easier than the canisters. I bought 2 more for my children.

Bought for me and my sister. Good to have in the house!

Never received them yet!!!

Nice gift for coworkers and friends to show you care

I did not get to use them yet and hopefully never will, but the idea is good. One I’ll keep in my kitchen, others will be gifts. As per delivery, there were no updates, so I thought I was scammed, until it came! Looks exactly like in the picture!