How to Dispose of Used Fire Blankets

Disposing of fire blankets after use must be done safely to avoid problems. While the ideal scenario is never having to use one, knowing how to dispose of used fire blankets helps keep your home safe.

That's why in this post, we'll talk about how to dispose of used fire blankets. We'll also talk about when you should throw away your fire blankets. 

When to Dispose of Fire Blankets

Using a fire blanket is one of the safest ways to put out a small fire, like a grease fire in the kitchen. However, most fire blankets are designed for single use. 

Fortunately, there are a few fire blankets like Prepared Hero's Emergency Fire Blanket, which is tougher than most fire blankets out there. IIt's also often reusable and can withstand higher temperatures than regular fire blankets. Just wipe it off, fold it, and put it back into its pouch if it's not damaged after use. If you want to know more about reusing your fire blanket, check out the guide we made

There are also cases where you must throw the fire blanket away even if you didn't use it. For instance, a fire blanket might be damaged due to excessive moisture, dust, chemicals, and sunlight. If your fire blanket is exposed to these harsh elements, its effectiveness might be compromised. 

Remember, replacing your fire blanket is better than risking it not working when needed. 

How to Dispose of Used Fire Blankets in Four Steps

Fire blankets usually don't contain any substances that need disposal. However, toxic residues might stick to them after fires, making it necessary to dispose of them properly. Here's how you can dispose of used fire blankets: 

1. Know what material the fire blanket is made of.

Knowing what material your fire blanket is made of is crucial in disposal. For instance, fiberglass fire blankets can be easily disposed of and can be mixed with household waste.

Check out the different types of fire blankets to see which one you have. 

2. Get in touch with the local waste management office.

Ask your local waste management authority for specific guidelines based on the fire blanket's material. If they consider it hazardous waste (e.g., used on a chemical fire), dispose of it according to their regulations.

3. Let the fire blanket cool down.

Let the fire blanket sit for thirty minutes to one hour. Don't touch it until it has completely cooled down. 

Fire blankets can retain heat, which can cause second-degree burns or ignite combustible materials. And even if the visible flames are put out, hidden embers might be present under the blanket. Throwing it away too soon can expose these embers to oxygen, which can reignite the fire. 

4. Put it in a sturdy bag.

Place the fire blanket in a sturdy, sealed bag and throw it away. Label it clearly if it's considered hazardous. Doing this ensures that the local waste management authority can dispose of it properly. 


Always handle your fire blankets with care, especially after they've been used to put out chemical fires. By following the guidelines above, you keep your loved ones safe.

Remember, fire safety is a continuous responsibility. Regular checks and proper disposal of fire blankets play a huge role in preventing devastating fires. 

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