Types of Fire Blankets: Which One Is Best?

There are many types of fire blankets designed for different situations. However, you need to know them all to make an informed decision and choose the right fire blanket for your needs.

In this post, we'll talk about the different types of fire blankets. We'll also help you identify which type is the best. 

5 Types of Fire Blankets

Here's a detailed look at the types of fire blankets: 

1. Fiberglass Fire Blankets

As its name suggests, this type of fire blanket is made of woven fiberglass threads.

Fiberglass is a fire-resistant material that's ideal for making fire blankets. Most of the time, fiberglass blankets are used to put out household and industrial fires, including electrical and grease fires.  

In addition, fiberglass blankets like the Emergency Fire Blanket and Hero Fire Blanket are lightweight, easy to store, and can withstand extremely high temperatures. In particular, these fire blankets can withstand up to 1076°F (580°C). You can also use the said fire blankets to save someone on fire

2. Cotton Fire Blankets

Unlike fiberglass, cotton is not inherently fire-resistant. Hence, cotton has to be processed with fire-resistant chemicals. While not as effective as fiberglass fire blankets, cotton fire blankets can help put out small fires.

They're also ideal for situations with minimal direct flame contact, like when escaping a fire. Because of this, cotton fire blankets are usually used to protect the skin from heat when escaping a burning house

3. Wool Fire Blankets 

Just like cotton, wool is soaked in flame-retardant fluid. The fluid enhances the fire-resistant properties of wool, which has an ignition temperature of 570 to 600°C. 

In general, wool fire blankets are used in laboratories and other settings filled with fire hazards. You can also drape them over people to protect them against heat and flames. 

4. Silicone Fire Blankets

Silicone fire blankets are not entirely made out of silicone. While only coated with silicone, these fire blankets can withstand high temperatures of up to 600°C. Welders mainly use them to shield floors from hot sparks. For this reason, silicone fire blankets are huge and heavy. 

5. Hybrid Fire Blankets

This type of fire blanket is made of different materials, including fiberglass and synthetic compounds. They can withstand high temperatures and more severe fire hazards, making them ideal for industrial settings where huge fires might break out. 

Which Type of Fire Blanket Is the Best?

The best fire blanket for you depends on your needs. For instance, if you're a homeowner who wants to protect your family from fires, we recommend using fiberglass blankets like the Emergency Fire Blanket and Hero Fire Blanket

On the other hand, if you work in a laboratory or industrial setting, we suggest you go for bigger fire blankets like the XL Emergency Fire Blanket and XL Hero Fire Blanket.   

If you want to know more about how to choose the right fire blanket, check out our guide


Knowing the right type of fire blanket for your needs helps you protect yourself and your family from fires. It also gives you peace of mind, which is hard to come by nowadays. 

Do you want a reliable and lightweight fire blanket? Check out the Emergency Fire Blanket and Hero Fire Blanket now. Made of high-quality fire-resistant materials, these fire blankets will make your home a safer place.