Do's and Don'ts When Using the Emergency Fire Blanket

The Emergency Fire Blanket is a powerful tool, but only when used correctly. It's for those uh-oh moments when your pan catches fire or a paper towel gets too close to your stove. 

But what exactly should you do and not do when using the Emergency Fire Blanket? Let's find out. 


Here's what you must do when using the Emergency Fire Blanket: 

1. Read the label.

Make sure to read the label to make sure you're using the fire blanket correctly. You can also check how to use the Emergency Fire Blanket here

2. Protect your hands. 

Don't let the flame or smoke hurt your hands. Roll the corners of the Emergency Fire Blanket over your hands to protect them. You can also use the Prepared Hero's Fire Protection Gloves to protect your hands. 

3. Use the fire blanket to put out small fires.

The Emergency Fire Blanket is the ninja of the firefighting world— quick and effective for small fires. It cuts off a fire's oxygen supply, making small fires quick and easy to extinguish. However, it's not as effective in putting out huge fires. 

4. Turn off the heat.

If the fire is fueled by gas or electricity, turn the heat off before using the fire blanket. Doing this makes it quicker for the Emergency Fire Blanket to put out the fire. 

5. Cover the fire completely.

The Emergency Fire Blanket works by suffocating fire. So, you must cover the fire completely for it to work as intended. 

6. Leave the fire blanket alone.

Let the Emergency Fire Blanket do its thing by leaving it in place for at least 15 minutes or until you make sure the fire is extinguished. 

Don'ts (H2)

Here's what you shouldn't do when using the Emergency Fire Blanket: 

1. Don't try to put out a huge fire with it.

Call the fire department if the fire's too big. Remember, no fire blanket is big enough for a fire that has spread

2. Don't unfold it unless you're going to use it. 

Keep the Emergency Fire Blanket in its container until you have to use it. Taking it out of its container or unfolding it might affect its effectiveness. 

3. Don't wrap someone on fire tightly. 

If you're using the fire blanket to help someone on fire, don't wrap them tightly with it. You want to smother the fire, not the person. Remember to keep it loose and effective. 

4. Don't reuse the fire blanket. 

Once you cover a fire with it, the Emergency Fire Blanket will deplete the fire of oxygen. As a result, the fire blanket will likely not be as effective because the materials are used up. If this happens, don’t reuse the fire blanket. Immediately throw it away and get a new one.

5. Don't pour water on the fire before using the blanket.

Water can make electrical and grease fires worse. So, don't try to put them out using water. Just stick to the fire blanket and everything will be fine. 


The Emergency Fire Blanket is your trusty sidekick that puts out fires before they become massive disasters. However, you should know what to do and what not to do with it for it to work. By following the do's and don'ts above, you set your loved ones up for safety. Stay prepared, hero!