How to Use the Emergency Fire Blanket

Knowing how to use a fire blanket is crucial to any house fire escape plan. Designed to extinguish flames by cutting off the oxygen supply, fire blankets can quickly put out grease fires caused by overheated vegetable oil.

While certain fire extinguisher types put out kitchen fires, they're bulky, expensive, toxic, and not reusable. They also make cleaning up after a fire difficult. 

One of the best alternatives? Prepared Hero's Emergency Fire Blanket― an affordable, lightweight, easy-to-use, and non-toxic blanket. 

But how exactly do you use this fire blanket? In this post, we'll talk about how to use the Emergency Fire Blanket to keep your loved ones safe. 

How to Use the Emergency Fire Blanket

  1. Pull the tabs. 
  2. Cover the fire with the blanket. 
  3. Turn off the heat source.
  4. Wait for the fire to die.

Here's how to use Prepared Hero's Emergency Fire Blanket:

1. Pull the tabs.

Remove the blanket from its container by pulling down the tabs at the bottom of the case. Doing so will quickly release the blanket, letting you use it for emergencies.

For this reason, we advise using a fire blanket hook. Buying one lets you save space and mount your fire blanket on the wall. 

2. Cover the fire with the blanket.

Next, hold the blanket by the top corners. Wrap your hands around the blanket's edges to protect yourself from the heat. 

Once you secure the blanket, hold it like a shield in front of you. Then, place it over the fire. Lay it down gently. Begin with the edge and move into the center of the fire. 

Pro tip: never throw the blanket on the fire. Doing so might cause the flames to climb over the blanket, making things worse. 

Side note: if you have fireproof gloves, use them. Put them on before using the fire blanket for maximum protection. 

While the best pair depends on your preferences and needs, we suggest investing in reliable gloves like Prepared Hero's Fire Protection Gloves

These gloves are lightweight and flame-resistant (they can withstand temperatures up to 1,472°F). You can even move hot coals using them. Plus, you won't feel a thing when you cut them with a sharp knife.

3. Turn off the heat source. 

If you're dealing with a fire caused by a heat source (e.g., stove and oven fires), turn the heat source off. Doing so reduces the time it takes for the fire to die.  

4. Wait for the fire to die. 

Keep the blanket on top of the fire until it dies. This usually takes 15 minutes or more. Remember, don't touch the fire blanket until it's cool again.

Get the Emergency Fire Blanket Now

Are you looking for a fire blanket that's lightweight, easy to use, and certified (CE HS&E and EN-1869:1997)? The Emergency Fire Blanket is the answer to your problems. 

Here's a table summarizing the differences between the Emergency Fire Blanket and a regular fire extinguisher:

Emergency Fire Blanket Regular Fire Extinguisher
Lightweight, easy to carry Heavy, hard to carry
Doesn’t expire Expires
Easy to store Needs more space for storage
Can put out all types of fire at home Can only put out specific types of fire
Easy to use Complicated
Non-toxic Toxic
Easy to clean Hard to clean
Safe for kids and pets  Not safe for kids and pets



Kitchen fires are one of the most dangerous fire hazards at home. Keep your loved ones safe by getting the reliable, fast-acting Emergency Fire Blanket now!

Fire captains, firefighters, and thousands of families trust it, so you should, too. Plus, we offer a one-year warranty and 30-day return policy, so you can try it without risk. While you're at it, check out Prepared Hero's other fire safety tools.