We're Committed
To Make Life Safer
For Families, Globally

Not all heroes soar through the skies or dash across the high rises of our cities. True heroism sprouts from the everyday actions of individuals like you. It's born in the heart of those wearing sneakers and sweatshirts, jeans and jackets, high heels, and hoodies. Heroism doesn't demand superpowers; it requires preparedness, the knowledge to act, and the courage to step forward when moments count.

At Prepared Hero, our mission is clear and simple: to arm you with the tools and knowledge to ensure safety, readiness, and protection. Because when emergency strikes, you're the hero your family and community look to.





Prepared Hero By The Numbers

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    Innovative products designed for every emergency need.

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    Years dedicated to enhancing emergency readiness and safety.

  • 45+

    Safety experts collaborated for reliable, real-world solutions.

  • 610k+

    Families empowered with essential preparedness tools.

A Brand You Can Trust

icon Born In U.S.A.

Locally produced, ensuring quality and supporting American jobs.

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Health, Environment, and Consumer safety standards rigorously met.

icon Rigorously Tested

Products undergo stringent testing for unmatched reliability.

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Always available, ensuring your utmost satisfaction and safety.

The Heroes Behind
Prepared Hero

Our team comprises dedicated individuals and safety experts committed to your well-being. From retired firefighters to active military personnel, each member brings invaluable experience and expertise to our mission of safeguarding communities. With their combined knowledge and passion for safety, we ensure that every product we offer meets the highest standards of reliability and effectiveness.

Collaboration with Safety Experts

img Chris J.

Retired Fire Captain

img Brian G.

Retired Firefighter

img Matt K.

Active Firefighter

img Josh S.

Active Military Police

We’re Here For
You, Our Heros

Family preparedness is
essential for safety

We offer special bundle discounts so you can prepare your whole family without breaking the bank.

Rest easy knowing granny
and grandpa are safe

Simplicity is vital in any emergency situation. We design our products to be lightweight and easy to use from children to elderly.

Teach them while they
are young

Safety is a great skill to learn at any age. Most of our products are so simple that even children can learn how to use them.

Safety is the greatest gift
you can give

Our products make great safety and educational gifts to loved ones who oftentimes are unaware these innovations exist.

Other Safety Products
For Your Home & Family


Hero Fire

  • Just aim & spray
  • 8 oz - Stop small fires fast!
  • Made in USA
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Hero Survival

  • Prevent hypothermia
  • Lightweight & portable
  • One size fits all!
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Hero Defense

  • Blaringly loud siren
  • Flashing strobe light
  • Draws attention
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