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I'm not too fond of the unavailable product information for us to read or download. I tried several times, and the link didn't come through.

Perfect gift for the family!

Good and helpful stuff.

Quick delivery. Hope I never have to use it, but I feel much better having it handy to the kitchen.

Arrived very quickly and I hope I will never need to use it but it stores very conveniently.

Delivered to the wrong state. Plus I need it in 2 days!

Hi Jonathan, Thank you for letting us check on this. We have sent you an email to try and resolve your concern. Kindly reply to that so we can continue to assist you. Stay safe always!

Received as ordered and all was as advertised. Fortunately I have not had the need to use this but am hopeful that it will work as described. Order received correctly and promptly. Thank you.

Thankfully I have not used these. My brother who is a firefighter recommended them.

Really happy with my purchase.


Shipping Protection


Have not yet used but feel good having on hand.

I hope I never have to use but love the no mess idea and simplicity.


Received it. Won't know whether like or dislike until I hopefully never have to use it.

Nice to have ,better than nothing.

Shipping Protection

Thankful that myself and those who received as gifts have not needed to use them.

Thankful that myself and those who received as gifts have not needed to use them.

Thankfully myself and family members who received these have not had a need to use them. Thankful to have them as a precaution.

Work great

Feel much safer w them in the house and even put one on my camper.

I used these as family holiday gifts as we all need this but don’t think to buy them for ourselves.

Shipping Protection

Thank you!

gave one to each child and kept one for us

Thankfully have not had to use it but feel better being prepared.