Where to Put Fire Sprays at Home

Fire sprays can save your life. When placed strategically all over your house, they can put out small fires or at least suppress some flames while you escape. 

But where should you exactly put out fire sprays at home? Let’s find out. 

Where to Put Fire Sprays at Home: 5 Key Places

With so many fire hazards in the average house, fires can spread in as fast as 30 seconds. Having accessible fire sprays can stop a small fire from becoming a massive one. Here are the key places to put fire sprays at: 

Near Heat Sources

where to put fire sprays at home near heat sources

Did you know? Approximately 20% of house fires are caused by heating equipment. Whether it’s your fireplace, space heater, or stove, make sure to put a fire spray near them, but not too close that it’ll be hard to grab when a fire breaks out. 

In addition, kitchens are the most important location for a fire spray. Cooking is the top cause of reported house fires and fire injuries. If you have a small kitchen, you might need to mount the fire spray at the kitchen exit or a wall accessible from the kitchen. 

We also recommend putting a fire spray near the fire pit if you have one. The flames they produce can quickly grow, and if they get out of hand, you need a fire spray nearby. 

Near Flammable Items

near flammable items

Garages, sheds, and workshops are usually filled with combustible materials like oils, cleaning products, chemicals, wood, and gas canisters. If you work with tools in your shop or garage, keep a fire spray nearby to prevent serious fires. 

Near Exits

where to put fire sprays at home near exits

You should also put fire sprays near exits. Doing this encourages people to move towards the exit rather than go further into the house. 

Putting fire sprays near the exits also ensures that people can access them while clearing the path, which increases the chances of escape. 

Additionally, exits are easy to locate and usually free from obstructions, making fire sprays easier to see. They also remind people in the house of their presence. 

Each Room

where to put fire sprays at home in each room

Many fires happen at night, so each bedroom should have at least one fire spray, including children’s rooms. Remember, there’s no age limit on using one, and you can teach your kids how to use a fire spray.

Remember, it’s better to be well-prepared than to run to another part of your house when a fire breaks out in your bedroom. 

Each Floor

where to put fire sprays at home on each floor

Keep at least one fire spray in a central location on every floor of your house. Don’t miss the basement and attic if you have them. Mount the fire sprays four to five feet from the floor in plain sight so people can easily see them.


Whether it’s faulty wiring or unattended cooking, fires can start in unexpected locations in your house. Prevent them from spreading by keeping fire sprays at strategic locations. 

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