How to Keep Your Home Safe From Fire While You’re Away

You’ve probably heard at least one horrible story about someone returning from a vacation only to have their house burned down. This is such a devastating situation― something you don’t want to happen to your family. 

That’s why in this post, we’ll talk about how to keep your home safe from fire while you’re away. 

Keeping Your Home Safe From Fire While You’re Away 

Fire safety is probably the last thing you have in mind when preparing for a vacation, but it’s crucial to keeping your home safe and having a house to return to. 

So, how can you avoid home fires while you’re away? Here are some tips: 

1. Protect your house from power surges.

protect your house from power surges

You never know when a power surge may happen, so be prepared. Look for frayed wires, damaged cords, and the like before going. 

If you see an exposed wire, unplug all connected appliances and get a replacement wire as soon as possible. It’s best to have the wire replaced by a professional before you go on vacation. But if you can’t, wrap an electrical tape around it until you can have it replaced. 

You must also unplug all your appliances before leaving. The habit of unplugging electronics―TVs, dryers, coffee makers, lamps, fans, and the like― when going on vacation will save you money and reduce the risk of fire. 

2. Make sure your fire alarms work.

make sure your fire alarms work

Make sure that all of your fire alarms are working. They’re one of the most crucial fire prevention tools while you’re on vacation. 

Also, make sure that there’s at least one fire alarm in the living room, the kitchen, each bedroom, and on every level of your house, including the basement. 

3. Watch out for fire hazards.

watch out for fire hazards

Fire hazards such as candles, ashtrays, sawdust, and combustible liquids must be stored in a cool, dry place away from heat sources while you’re away. 

When exposed to a huge heat source, these fire hazards can start a fire that can quickly spread to other areas of your house

If you have kerosene, propane, gasoline, and other flammable gases in your home, store them outside so they don’t burn your house if they combust. You should also inspect your surroundings for leaves and wood. Make sure they’re far from your house since they can fuel grass fires.

4. Make it look like you’re home.

make it look like you’re home

Strangers don’t need to know that you’re away on a vacation. Prevent your home from becoming a target of robbery and arson by making it look like someone’s home.

Do this by having indoor lighting on a smart timer, which you can operate anywhere in the world. If possible, ask your neighbors to park one of their cars in your driveway and collect your packages and mail so they don’t pile up outside. 

5. Consider a house sitter. 

consider a house sitter

Hire a house sitter if you can. A house sitter can look after your home while you’re on vacation. They also come in handy if you have pets. Just make sure to do a thorough background check or contact a reputable house-sitting company. 


There’s nothing more devastating than losing your home to a fire while you’re away. You can replace your material possessions, but not your living space. So print and bookmark this guide to make sure you have a home to go back to. Stay prepared, hero!