Fire Blanket vs. Lid: Which Is More Effective in Putting Out Kitchen Fires?

The kitchen is the leading spot where fires start, and they can be extremely dangerous if not extinguished as soon as possible. 

Two of the most common tools people use to put out kitchen fires are fire blankets and lids. But which is more effective? Let’s find out. 

How a Fire Blanket Works to Put Out Kitchen Fires

Fire blankets are made of fire-resistant materials designed to extinguish small fires before they turn into huge disasters. They’re usually made of woven fiberglass and stored pouches with tabs hanging out for quick access during a fire emergency. 

A quick grab and pull of the tabs let the fire blanket fall from its container. You can then use it without any special training, although we suggest knowing how to use a fire blanket beforehand. It’s usually installed on a wall in the kitchen. However, you can install a fire blanket at work as well.

In a gist, a fire blanket puts out a kitchen fire by starving it of oxygen. You see, oxygen is one of the components of the fire triangle. Fire can’t start or continue without it, so removing oxygen from the equation can put out a fire. 

How a Lid Works to Put Out Kitchen Fires

how a lid works to put out kitchen fires

Households without fire blankets or sprays typically use lids to put out kitchen fires. Like fire blankets, lids work by starving fires of oxygen.

In addition, using a lid is specifically useful for grease fires, where using water can cause the grease to splatter and make the fire worse. 

While using a lid effectively puts out kitchen fires, you must be careful when doing so. Don’t use glass lids since the glass can explode and cause injuries. You should also keep your face and hands as far away as possible from the lid to prevent second-degree burns

Fire Blanket vs. Lid: Which Is More Effective? 

Putting a lid over a fire can smother a fire. However, using a lid has limitations and can be risky. 

For one, a lid can only put out a fire if it’s in a container. It also covers a small area and can explode if the fire gets too hot quickly. The exploding lid can hit and injure you. It gets worse if the broken glass hits your eyes.

Using a fire blanket lowers these risks. For one, a fire blanket can put out a fire even if it’s not in a container. It also covers more area than a lid does. Additionally, the fire blanket won’t explode and protect you from broken glass. It also protects your hand from heat― something a lid can’t do.


A fire blanket is better than a lid in putting out kitchen fires. If you don’t have them yet, we suggest investing in the Emergency Fire Blanket and Hero Fire Blanket as soon as possible. They’re non-toxic and don’t leave a mess. 

While you’re at it, consider completing a fire kit with a fire spray, fire protection gloves, and a smoke mask. Go to Prepared Hero and get fire safety tools now!