Can You Use Salt to Put Out a Kitchen Fire?

In less than a minute, a kitchen fire can grow from a small flame to an inferno you can’t control. That’s why it’s important to know about kitchen fire safety and household items you can use to put out small fires. 

One of the most common household items is salt. But can you really use it to put out a kitchen fire? Are there any risks you should be aware of? Let’s find out.

Is Salt Flammable?

is salt flammable

Salt is non-flammable. The substance doesn’t combust as well. 

In particular, salt doesn’t burn because it needs extremely high temperatures to ignite. Salt won’t start to melt until it reaches 800°C (1,472°F) and boils at 1,413°C (2,575°F). It also doesn’t react with air, so it technically doesn’t burn. 

While any substance can burn if you make it hot enough, it’s highly unlikely that salt will catch fire under normal circumstances. 

Sodium and chlorine, the chemicals that make salt up, are highly chemically reactive. When they form a bond, a lot of energy is released. As a result, you need a lot of energy (heat)― far more than in a regular kitchen fire― to break the bond. 

This is a relief because if it’s easy to break the bond, salt will burn quickly and create a fire risk. 

What Happens if You Put Salt on a Fire?

what happens if you put salt on a fire

The color of the flame will change if you throw salt on a fire. It’s not because it’s burning but because the heat changes the electrons’ energy. This change then produces photons of light, and that’s why you usually see a yellow flame when adding salt to a fire. 

However, if you inspect the residue after the fire died, you’d see that the salt didn’t burn at all. Instead, it would be at the bottom of the burned materials.

Can You Use Salt to Put Out a Kitchen Fire?

can you use salt to put out a fire

Yes, you can use salt to put out a kitchen fire. 

Salt is a brilliant choice for putting out fires for three main reasons: it doesn’t burn, has a high melting point, and cuts off the fire’s oxygen supply.

You see, fire needs three things to continue according to the fire triangle― heat, fuel, and oxygen. Salt covers the burning material to deprive the fire of oxygen, effectively putting the fire out. 

Can You Use Salt to Extinguish a Large Kitchen Fire?

can you use salt to put out a large kitchen fire

While salt can put out kitchen fires, its effectiveness depends on how big the fire is. 

If a pan catches fire because a little bit of oil burns, you can use salt to smother the flame. 

On the other hand, if the flames are huge and can’t be quickly extinguished using salt, use a fire blanket, fire spray, or fire extinguisher instead. 

If you can’t put out the fire by yourself, evacuate your house and call 911 right away. Never hesitate to call 911 for a kitchen fire because it’s better to be safe than sorry. 


Salt can help you put out a small fire before it turns into a raging inferno. However, it is not a substitute for using fire safety tools (fire blankets, fire sprays, & fire extinguishers) and calling the authorities. Remember, your and your family’s safety is the priority. Stay safe, hero!