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Received it. Won't know whether like or dislike until I hopefully never have to use it.

Nice to have ,better than nothing.

Shipping Protection

Thankful that myself and those who received as gifts have not needed to use them.

Thankful that myself and those who received as gifts have not needed to use them.

Thankfully myself and family members who received these have not had a need to use them. Thankful to have them as a precaution.

Work great

Feel much safer w them in the house and even put one on my camper.

I used these as family holiday gifts as we all need this but don’t think to buy them for ourselves.

Shipping Protection

Thank you!

gave one to each child and kept one for us

Thankfully have not had to use it but feel better being prepared.

Love the hook can be placed in the kitchen and makes blanket ready if needed.

I have not had to try this out yet thankfully but this came and was exactly what I was expecting

Shipping Protection

This came really fast and was really good quality

Like the small spray cans. Easier to use than a heavy extinguisher

I have received the blanket, am still expecting the hook up til now and it's getting to months now, what is going on, I need the hook please.

Shipping Protection

I paid for the hook too, have not received it and I need it so bad.

Thank god I haven’t had to use it yet.

Gave them as gifts

Haven’t had to use it but think it’s great to have!


Haven’t had to use thankfully, and hope I never do. I am impressed with the quality of this product. I purchased one for every member of my family.

I ordered 4 of these. They have been recommended by the firefighters and paramedics that I work with. Only issue I only got one hanger for the 4. If instructions are easy to understand.

Glad I purchased for grandson's homes. I feel reassured that they will be able to handle preventing an accident.

Seems ok I keep it in my car