Fire Protection Gloves vs. Oven Mitts: Which Is Better?

Burns can be debilitating and life-threatening, so you shouldn't leave things to chance. 

One of the most important tools against fire are fire protection gloves. However, many people use oven mitts instead. But which one is better for putting out a fire

In this post, we'll talk about the differences between fire protection gloves and oven mitts to see which one's better.

Fire Protection Gloves

fire protection gloves 

Fire protection gloves protect your hands from flames and extreme heat. They're made of fire-resistant materials, such as leather, Kevlar, or Nomex. These gloves are essential protective gear for firefighters, welders, and other professionals who work with fire regularly. 

Additionally, fire protection gloves provide maximum protection from heat and flames, letting you extinguish a fire without putting yourself in danger. On top of that, they’re thick and long-lasting, making them a great long-term investment.

Oven Mitts

oven mitts

Oven mitts are made from materials like cotton or silicone. They protect your hands from heat but not from flames. 

As you probably already know, they're primarily used in the kitchen to handle hot pots, pans, and baking dishes. While oven mitts can handle hot objects, they're not suitable for putting out fires.

Contrary to popular belief, oven mitts can catch fire. They also don't provide as much protection as fire protection gloves, which means you could still sustain burns even if you're wearing oven mitts.

Which Should You Choose: Fire Protection Gloves or Oven Mitts? 

When putting out a fire, fire protection gloves are the clear winner. They're designed to protect your hands from flames and extreme heat, making them the best choice for fire emergencies. 

While suitable for handling hot objects in the kitchen, standard mitts aren't flame-resistant. They also don't provide as much protection as fire protection gloves. So if you need to put out a fire, use fire protection gloves, not oven mitts.

Unfortunately, not all fire gloves are created equal. Some are made of cheap materials, while others don't fully protect you.

This is where Prepared Hero's Fire Protection Gloves come in. 

The said gloves resist extreme heat (up to 1,472°F). You can even hold hot coals using them. They also withstand a sharp knife without you feeling a thing. 

Plus, they're made of aramid fiber, the same material used in aerospace and military. Aramid fiber is so superior it makes plastic and rubber look pathetic.

On top of that, Prepared Hero's Fire Protection Gloves keep your skin cool and dry while protecting you from extreme heat. 

Here's a table summarizing the differences between Prepared Hero's Fire Protection Gloves and oven mitts: 

Prepared Hero’s Fire Protection Gloves Regular Oven Mitts
Fire-resistant Not fire-resistant
Resistant to sharp knives Not resistant to sharp knives
Made of aramid fiber Made of cheap plastic or rubber
Lightweight & breathable Not breathable
Machine-washable Tears in washer
Put out fire Catch fire
Protect you from burns  Don’t protect you from burns


fire protection gloves or oven mitts

Fire protection gloves are better than oven mitts when putting out a fire. The former protects your hands by keeping them cool as you put out fires. 

So what are you waiting for? Stop settling for less and get life-saving fire protection gloves now! While you're at it, check out other fire prevention tools on Prepared Hero.