10 Essential Fire Safety Tips Every Family Needs to Know

Did you know? Fires are among the leading causes of death for children below 15. It’s because they can’t easily escape fires. 

Give yourself and your family a fighting chance by following these essential fire safety tips: 

1. Install smoke alarms.

install smoke alarms

Put a smoke alarm near your kitchen, in each bedroom, and on each level of your house. Check your smoke alarms each month and replace the batteries at least once a year. Lastly, teach your kids how smoke alarms sound and what to do once they hear them. 

2. Have a fire escape plan.

have a fire escape plan

You must have a fire escape plan, no questions asked. The plan shows the safest and quickest way to leave your home if a fire occurs. 

Each room should have at least two exit routes if one is blocked. You should also have a designated meeting place outside your house to know if everyone is safe.  

3. Keep a fire extinguisher or fire spray.

keep a fire extinguisher or fire spray

Have fire extinguishers or fire sprays at home. They come in handy when putting out small fires before they grow bigger. Make sure to have one fire spray or fire extinguisher in the kitchen and one for each level of the house. Place them in easily accessible areas where everyone can easily grab them. 

4. Identify the fire hazards at your house.

identify the fire hazards at your house

Fire hazards at home include faulty electrical wiring, candles, cooking appliances, and books. Identifying and understanding the risks they bring reduce the chances that they’ll start fires. 

5. Teach your children about fire safety. 

teach your children about fire safety

Fire safety is not just for adults― it’s for children, too. Teach your children about fire safety practices like not playing with matches or lighters and knowing what to do when they see fire. 

6. Practice electrical safety.

practice electrical safety

Electrical issues cause a lot of home fires. So, make sure to implement electrical fire safety practices like not overloading outlets and regularly checking cords for damage. 

7. Know how to grill safely.

know how to grill safely

Grilling can be fun, but it might also cause a fire. Place your grill far from your house and other flammable items. Plus, never leave the grill unattended when in use, and make sure it’s completely out before storing it. 

8. Keep an eye out on what you’re cooking.

keep an eye out on what you’re cooking

Kitchen fires are the top cause of home fires in the US. Prevent these fires from burning your house down by paying attention to what you’re cooking. Don’t leave the stove or oven unattended while in use and keep items like paper towels and pot holders away from the heat. 

9. Know who to call.

know who to call

Everyone in your household should know who to call in case of a fire. Stick a list of important contact numbers (e.g., local fire department, police) on your wall so everyone can easily find them. 

10. Have a fire safety kit. 

have a fire safety kit

Having a fire safety kit at home is like having a small, portable fire station. Your fire safety kit must include an emergency fire blanket, a fire spray, fire protection gloves, and a smoke mask

Plus, it’s not just about having these tools. You must also know how to use them effectively. Remember, a fire safety kit can save your and your loved ones’ lives. 


Fires can be scary and dangerous, especially for kids. So, follow the tips above and look for reliable fire safety tools. Speaking of reliable tools, check out Prepared Hero now!