Why Every Woman Needs a Personal Defense Alarm

Personal defense alarms have become a safety net for women. These tools let women protect themselves when they feel uncomfortable or feel they're being followed. 

But how exactly does a personal defense alarm help? Find out why every woman needs a personal defense alarm.

5 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs a Personal Defense Alarm

Here are the most common reasons why women need personal defense alarms:

Gender-Based Violence and Harassment

gender-based violence and harassment

Did you know? The majority of gender-based violence is done by people the victims know— their partners, ex-partners, family members, friends, or neighbors. 

In addition, 20% of sexual assaults are committed by strangers and happen with other harmful acts like robbery, physical violence, and stalking. That's why many people, especially women, need tools like the Hero Defense Alarm that help them stay safe.  

Late-Night Shifts

late-night shifts

Some women work night shifts, while others work alone. Not only are their jobs demanding, but going back home or working at night presents additional concerns for their safety. For this reason, women should carry personal defense alarms. 

Social Scenarios

social scenarios

First dates and social gatherings with alcohol can lead to uncomfortable or unsafe scenarios for women. 

If these happen and you feel cornered, trapped, or threatened, having an accessible personal alarm can help. Using it can immediately disrupt the situation and attract much-needed attention.

Living Alone

living alone

Independent women living alone are also vulnerable to criminal acts. They are at risk of break-ins or unwanted approaches, especially when they live in buildings without state-of-the-art security systems. 

If you're living alone, a personal defense alarm can give an added sense of security.

Running Outdoors

running outdoors

Unfortunately, women who jog have been targeted by stalkers and other criminals. This happens more often in secluded areas during the early morning or at night. 

Plus, more women are concerned about walking alone, especially when it's dark. In areas where street harassment is prevalent, having a personal alarm lets you call for help and prevents anyone from harming you.

Hero Defense Alarm

Unfortunately, not all defense alarms are created equal. If you want a reliable defense alarm, check out the Hero Defense Alarm

Here's a table showing the differences between the Hero Defense Alarm and regular personal defense alarms:

Hero Defense Alarm Other Alarms
130 screeching decibels Not as loud as alarming
Blinding bright light No light settings
Same-side siren and light design Light on the back blinds yourself
USB-C fast charging Requires watch batteries
Lasts for 40 continuous minutes Not rechargeable
Lasts for months without use  Dies fast


Thanks to loud sounds and blinding lights, personal defense alarms like the Hero Defense Alarm enhance a woman's safety. So if you want to stay safe while running outside, walking alone, working a night shift, or living alone, investing in a personal defense alarm is a must.

Check out the Hero Defense Alarm from Prepared Hero and start safeguarding your peace of mind now!