Protecting Your Family: Why Defense Alarms Are a Must

Did you know? About 2.5 million burglaries occur in the USA each year, with about two-thirds involving home break-ins. Plus, according to the FBI, homeowners report an average of $2,000 stolen.

Personal defense alarms may be small, but they can also protect you while you're inside your house. In this post, we'll talk about why defense alarms are a must for every homeowner.

5 Reasons Why You Need Defense Alarms 

Here are the top five reasons why you must have a defense alarm:

1. Stop Intruders

stop intruders

Personal defense alarms don't just stop robbers outside. They can prevent intruders from breaking into your house as well.

The loud sound created by these alarms can scare anyone who wants to break into your home. It also ruins their plans by drawing attention to the situation, which is something that intruders hate. 

2. Instant Alerts

instant alerts

Imagine this: you're relaxing in your home when suddenly, an uninvited guest tries to come in. With personal defense alarms, you won't be caught off guard. 

The alarm makes a loud noise after you press it when someone uninvited tries to get in. That noise is like an instant heads-up for you and your family. 

Whether it's getting to a safe spot within your home, calling the police, or getting out, the choice is yours. In short, the instant alert keeps you one step ahead and keeps your family safe. 

3. Notify Others

notify others

The loud sound also notifies your neighbors and police officers (if there are any around). If you can't call the police, the screeching noise can notify others who can contact them.

4. Peace of Mind

peace of mind

Personal defense alarms give you an increased sense of security. Knowing that you have a device that can scare off intruders and notify others of their presence gives you peace of mind. This also comes in handy for people living alone or those living in areas with high crime rates. 

5. Cost-Effective


Personal defense alarms are easy to use and require little to no maintenance. They're also portable and more cost-effective than security systems. 

Hero Defense Alarm

Unfortunately, not all defense alarms are created equal. If you want a reliable and discreet defense alarm, check out the Hero Defense Alarm. This tool has the following features, which can help keep you and your family safe.

Screeching Siren

When in danger, pull the alarm plug. It will immediately sound a 130-decibel siren (130 decibels is as loud as an ambulance or police siren).

Blinding Light

The siren works with a bright strobe light to further confuse the aggressor while lighting the area.

Makes Attackers Flee

Combined, they trigger a powerful flight response in the attacker's brain, causing them to flee instantly.

Here's a table showing the differences between the Hero Defense Alarm and regular personal defense alarms:

Hero Defense Alarm Other Alarms
130 screeching decibels Not as loud as alarming
Blinding bright light No light settings
Same-side siren and light design Light on the back blinds yourself
USB-C fast charging Requires watch batteries
Lasts for 40 continuous minutes Not rechargeable
Lasts for months without use  Dies fast


The benefits of personal defense alarms extend beyond personal security. They offer instant alerts, stop intruders, and provide a sense of safety, making them a must for homeowners. 

So, consider investing in a personal defense alarm— it's a small one that makes a big difference in your home security. Get the Hero Defense Alarm from Prepared Hero now!