Who Should Use a Fire Blanket?

A fire blanket is made of fire-resistant materials that can smother fires without the mess. You can also use it on people who caught fire, making it a crucial fire prevention tool. 

But who exactly needs a fire blanket? In this post, we'll talk about the people who need fire blankets. 

Who Should Use a Fire Blanket?

Fire blankets are designed to put out small fires or protect individuals from fires. Here's a list of people who should consider using a fire blanket:

Homeowners and Renters 

homeowners and renters

Your house has a lot of fire hazards that can instantly start a fire. Plus, kitchen fires caused by grease account for about half of home fires. Hence, homeowners and renters need fire blankets at high-risk locations, including the kitchen and garage.  

Chefs and Kitchen Workers

chefs and kitchen workers

Chefs and other kitchen workers are prone to encountering fires on the job. A fire blanket is a handy tool that protects your commercial kitchen from harmful fires. 

Laboratory Workers

laboratory workers

Flammable chemicals are all over the lab, so you better get a fire blanket if you work in one. A fire blanket can contain the situation, especially if the fire is localized.



Fire blankets can put out campfires, protecting you and your fellow campers from fires, especially in dry conditions where forest fires can start quickly.



Welding involves sparks, molten metal, and extremely high temperatures. Fires can quickly start because of them. Having a fire blanket nearby protects you from these harmful fires. 

Pit Crews 

pit crews

Racing involves high speeds, hot engines, and fuel. Pit stops, in particular, involve quick refueling and maintenance, which can start a fire. Fire blankets keep pit crews safe during these operations.



While firefighters use more advanced equipment for putting out large fires, they may encounter situations where a person caught on fire has to be rescued from a building. A fire blanket comes in handy during this case. 

Science Teachers

science teachers

Experiments involving heat or chemicals can lead to unintended fires. In this case, teachers have to make sure that their students stay safe. Fire blankets help them do just that. 



Engines, oil, gasoline, and other flammable materials are a routine part of a mechanic's job. However, they might spill and ignite a fire. Thankfully, a fire blanket can quickly contain fires.

People With Boats

people with boats

A fire can easily start in boats because of the fuel and other flammable items they contain. Enjoy sailing with peace of mind by keeping at least one fire blanket in your boat. 

The Elderly and PWDs

the elderly and pwds

The elderly and people with disabilities are vulnerable and can't react as swiftly as younger people to put out a fire. It's also harder for them to use a fire extinguisher because it's heavy and bulky. Hence, they need fire blankets that quickly put out fires.

Parents with Young Children

parents with young children

Curious children can accidentally start fires by playing with matches, lighters, or flammable household items. If you have kids at home, you better get fire blankets to ensure their safety.


Fire blankets put out fires by depleting them of oxygen. Unfortunately, not all fire blankets are equal. Some can put out fire quickly, while others can't. 

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