Where to Put Your Hero Fire Spray

Fire sprays play a huge role in fire safety. Since fire sprays are designed to put out fires in their earliest stages and house fires spread quickly, the only effective fire spray is the one near you. 

But where exactly should you put your Hero Fire Sprays? Let’s find out.

7 Key Places to Keep Your Hero Fire Sprays At 

Put your Hero Fire Spray in these areas to keep your family and property safe:

1. Kitchen

where to put your hero fire spray

Fires that start in the kitchen are the top cause of home fires, according to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). From the stove to paper towels, kitchen equipment and tools are a fire disaster waiting to happen. 

For this reason, you must have at least one Hero Fire Spray within 30 feet of your stove so you can quickly grab it during a fire emergency. However, don’t put it right next to the stove or oven where smoke and flame can stop you from getting it. 

If you have a small kitchen or studio apartment, we recommend putting the Hero Fire Spray in the adjacent room or area, as long as it’s easily accessible from your kitchen. 

2. Sources of Heat

sources of heat

About 20% of house fires are caused by heating equipment. Whether it’s your fireplace or heating appliance, keep at least one Hero Fire Spray at an accessible distance. For instance, you can keep one Hero Fire Spray inside a side table in your living room that’s not so far yet not so near your fireplace. 

3. Each Floor 

each floor

Have at least one Hero Fire Spray on each floor of your house, including the attic and basement. Remember, fires can start anywhere in your home, so you better be safe than sorry. Plus, fire hazards might be all over your house without you knowing it. 

4. Garage


Garages, workshops, and sheds are fire-prone areas because of the combustible items in them (e.g., wood, paper, gas, oils). 

Make sure to keep at least one Hero Fire Spray in your garage, shed, or workshop, especially if you work in them using combustible items and electrical tools. 

5. Bedrooms


Fires can start at night when you’re asleep, so each bedroom should have at least one Hero Fire Spray. If you have children, their rooms must have Hero Fire Sprays, too. The said fire spray is beginner-friendly, so your kids and the elderly can use it. 

6. Fire Pit or Grill

fire pit or grill

Cooking outdoors is relaxing and fun. However, you need to take enough precautions for it to stay that way. 

Gas grills and fire pits can explode or catch fire, so keep at least one Hero Fire Spray in an easily accessible spot near your fire pit or grill. 

7. Laundry Room

laundry room

Lint is flammable and accumulates in lint traps and tubes. While not as common as a kitchen grease fire, a washing machine or dryer fire can start when you’re not in the room. Put one Hero Fire Spray in the laundry room to stay prepared. 


Having Hero Fire Sprays throughout your house in the right locations means that when a fire starts, you won’t spend time searching for one. Have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe with this fire prevention tool now!