Where to Put Your Fire Blankets at Home

Fire blankets are useful tools in kitchens where grease fires are most likely to occur. They can also be used to save someone on fire

But where exactly should you put your fire blanket? Let’s find out. 

Where Should Your Fire Blanket Be Located?

Knowing where to put your fire blanket greatly impacts how you handle a fire. Imagine having to use your fire blanket only to forget where it is. Remember, your fire blanket’s location can determine whether a small fire becomes an inferno that burns your house down

If you want to protect yourself and your family, your fire blankets must be easily accessible and visible. Here are the places where you must put fire blankets at:

1. Kitchen

where to put your fire blankets at home kitchen

About half of home fires in the US start in the kitchen, making it the most fire-prone area in the house. Hence, you must put fire blankets in your kitchen. 

Put a fire blanket near your cooking area, but not too close, where it can catch fire easily. We suggest using a fire hook so you can easily see and grab the fire blanket when needed. 

Check out this guide to know if you really need a fire blanket hook. Depending on your kitchen’s size, you can also put one fire blanket near the entrance. 

2. Living Room 

where to put your fire blankets at home living room

You spend a lot of time in your living room, so you must have a fire blanket there. Have at least two fire blankets if you have a fireplace.

Plus, your living room is home to many fire hazards, including candles, curtains, and outlets. Remember, it’s better to be prepared than suffer the consequences of a home fire. 

3. Bedroom 

where to put your fire blankets at home bedroom

Imagine waking up to your smoke alarm beeping. You quickly grab the fire blanket and cover the fire before it turns into something you can’t manage. 

In addition, your bedroom contains many fire hazards, such as hair dryers, documents, and lamps. Hence, it’s always a great idea to have fire blankets in your bedroom. 

4. Garage

where to put your fire blankets at home garage

Another area where fires likely start is the garage. Since it’s often used for storage or as a workshop, it contains many fire hazards. These include flammable liquids and sawdust.  

Place one fire blanket per high-risk area, but not too close to flammable items you’ll find it hard to grab when a fire occurs. 

5. Exits

where to put your fire blankets at home exits

Having a fire blanket at your house’s exits helps you evacuate safely. For one, you can wrap the fire blanket around someone who caught fire as they exit your house. It can also protect your family from flames or smoke as you evacuate and smother small fires that might block your escape route. 


Now that you know where to put your fire blankets at home, we hope that you take your fire safety more seriously. Read this guide if you’re wondering how many fire blankets you need at home

And if you need reliable fire blankets that never expire, check out the Emergency Fire Blanket and Hero Fire Blanket now. Remember, your safety is always worth it. Stay prepared, hero!