Where to Put Fire Blankets at Work

Every workplace must have fire blankets, and everyone needs to know where they are. Fire blankets smother flames and deprive fire of oxygen, allowing it to prevent small fires from becoming huge ones. 

If you want to keep your workplace safe from devastating fires, this post is for you. 

Where Should You Put Fire Blankets at Work?

Here are the places that need fire blankets: 

1. Office Kitchen

where to put fire blankets at work office kitchen

Kitchens are the most fire-prone areas in workplaces. Microwaves, stoves, heaters, curtains, paper towels, and the like are common fire hazards that can burn your office.

Prevent these fire hazards from starting a fire by having fire blankets in your office kitchen. Place the fire blanket in an accessible, visible location. We recommend putting it on a fire blanket hook on the wall near the heat source, but not too close to it that you can’t grab it safely when needed. 

2. Laboratories

where to put fire blankets at work laboratories

Laboratories contain many flammable items, such as solvents, paper, and equipment. Many experiments also involve heat or flames, which make laboratories prone to fires. 

Splashes and spills that can lead to fires that spread quickly because of the flammable materials in the lab are also common. 

To avoid these from happening, keep fire blankets in your lab. Just like in office kitchens, the fire blankets must be accessible, visible, and near (but not too close to) fire-prone areas. 

3. Machinery 


where to put fire blankets at work machinery

If you own or work in a factory with huge machines, we suggest you keep fire blankets readily available.

Place them where work with extreme temperatures (e.g., welding, brazing, cutting) is done. You should also put fire blankets near machines that work 24/7 because they’re more prone to overheating or sparking, such as mixers and extruders.

In addition, fire blankets don’t cause damage to machines, unlike fire extinguishers. This is crucial in places where expensive or sensitive equipment is used. 

4. Storage Rooms

where to put fire blankets at work storage room

Next on the list are storage rooms. Storage rooms contain flammable materials, such as cleaning supplies, solvents, paper, boxes, and paint. 

Place a fire blanket at the entrance of the storage rooms so you can easily grab it upon entering to put out a fire. 

Additionally, fire blankets can put out fires without leaving a mess or spreading debris, which helps protect stored items. 

5. Electrical Equipment 

where to put fire blankets at work electrical equipment

Electrical equipment rooms contain wiring, circuit breakers, panels, servers, and the like. These equipment are prone to overheating and electrical issues that can lead to fires. Plus, using water and foam extinguishers is a no-no because they can damage the equipment and shock people. 

Fire blankets offer a safe and effective alternative. They can quickly put out the fire without damaging the equipment or shocking the responding person. This is particularly crucial in places where critical data is stored because it minimizes the risk of data loss or operational downtime.


Keeping a safe workplace is crucial to the productivity and growth of a company.

If you’re a business owner or an employee who wants to keep your workplace safe, we suggest investing in a reliable and non-toxic product like the Emergency Fire Blanket. Stay prepared, hero!