Where to Find Hidden Cameras in Everyday Items

Hidden cameras are small, so it’s easy to hide them in everyday places. If you’re wondering whether your home, hotel room, or vacation rental has hidden cameras, this guide is for you. 

In this post, we’ll talk about where to find hidden cameras in everyday items to help protect your privacy. 

Where to Find Hidden Cameras: Top 7 Everyday Items

Do you think that frame has a hidden camera? You might be right. Here are the top everyday items where criminals hide tiny cameras:

1. Stuffed Toys

stuffed toys

Stuffed animals are among the most common spot for hidden cameras. Criminals (even those we see in movies) like hiding tiny cameras in stuffed toys because they easily blend with other objects. Plus, stuffed animals have eyes that don’t look suspicious. 

2. Picture Frames

picture frames

Frames on desks and walls can also hide tiny cameras. These frames often have a wide view of the room, making them ideal for criminals. So if a frame is tilted in a strange way, it’s worth giving it a closer look. 

3. Mirrors


Sometimes, mirrors are more than just mirrors. Two-way mirrors can easily hide cameras behind them, making them another ideal object for criminals. 

If you’re not sure whether your mirror has a hidden camera or not, touch it. If your finger touches your reflection directly, it could be a two-way mirror. 

4. Alarm Clocks

alarm clocks

Alarm clocks are common, so people don’t always think they can hide small cameras. 

Often found in bedrooms, alarm clocks can hide small cameras. Criminals can place the camera inside the clock with the lens peeking out from the front or the sides. Check an alarm clock if it points towards your bed or private areas. 

5. Books


Be on the lookout for hollow books since they might have cameras inside. You should also check books in strange locations and with small holes in their spines. Remember, such books deserve a closer inspection. 

6. Artificial Plants

artificial plants

Artificial plants can hide cameras, too. Their leaves can hide a small camera lens. The plant's location can also give criminals a panoramic view of the room. So, if someone moved your plan or you get a new one, look closer.

7. Tissue Boxes

tissue boxes

Tissue boxes are another common household item that can hide a camera. The dispensing slot or decorative holes on a tissue box can give criminals a clear view of your room. If a tissue box faces a certain area or has been placed in a spot that doesn't seem right, there might be a hidden camera inside.

The Hero Privacy Pen

A physical search might help, but it doesn't guarantee you'll find all hidden cameras in your hotel room, vacation rental, or house. Use a hidden camera detector like the Hero Privacy Pen to ensure your safety. It can pick up the reflection from camera lenses and let you know where they're hidden. 

Here's a table summarizing the differences between the Hero Privacy Pen and a physical search:

Hero Privacy Pen
Looking for Devices Yourself
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Everyday items around you can hide tiny cameras, making it tough to protect your privacy. A simple look around might not find these hidden cameras, and that's why you need the Hero Privacy Pen

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