Is It Safe to Use Glass Lids to Put Out Kitchen Fires?

Glass is a common material used in pot lids. Given this, it's easy to grab a glass lid whenever you need to put out a kitchen fire. Plus, it's probably the nearest fire-extinguishing tool for many people. 

But is it safe to use glass lids to put out kitchen fires? Are there any risks involved in using this common house tool? Let's find out.

The Premise Behind Using Glass Lids

it is not safe to use glass lids to put out kitchen fires

Many people think that glass lids can put out kitchen fires for many reasons. 

For one, the fire triangle indicates that fire needs three things to continue: heat, fuel, and oxygen. Glass lids can help get rid of oxygen, which means that if you cover a fire with it, it will eventually die. 

But not so fast. You see, glass lids can help deprive fire of oxygen, but it also heats up. Once it does, it can retain heat for much longer than metal, which can cause it to explode.

This brings us to the second reason people think it's safe to use glass lids to put out fires. 

Most people think that glass heats up slowly so it won't explode. But glass can, and when it does, you're in danger. Imagine the glass shards that can shatter on your face and kitchen. Worse, your kids or pets might step on them.

Lastly, most people think glass lids are thick enough to withstand heat. But that's not usually the case. A lot of glass lids aren't thick enough to withstand extremely high temperatures and prevent breakage.

Why Use Metal Lids Instead

metal lids are safer to use

In all fairness, glass lids can smother a fire. But there's a safer option: metal lids. 

For one, metal is highly durable. They can withstand extremely high temperatures without damage. As a result, you can rely on them and use them many times to put out a kitchen fire.

Metal lids also provide a better seal on pots and pans, especially heavy ones. A tighter seal cuts off the oxygen supply faster, which can extinguish the fire more efficiently. These lids also don't shatter as easily as glass or ceramic lids, making them safer. 

Lastly, metal lids cool down faster than glass, so it's safe to keep them on the pot or pan until the fire dies. Just to be safe, keep the metal lid on until everything cools down to prevent the fire from reigniting. 

Only Use Lids to Put Out Small Fires

only use lids to put out small fires

While metal lids are safer than glass lids for putting out kitchen fires, they only work on small fires.

Bigger fires are harder to put out, so you should use a fire spray or fire extinguisher to put them out. If you can't put out the fire by yourself, evacuate your house and call 911 right away. 


It is not safe to use glass lids to put out kitchen fires because extreme heat can cause them to shatter and injure you. Use metal lids instead because they don't shatter and can cut off the oxygen supply faster. 

However, your best bet against fires is to have a fire safety kit with an emergency fire blanket, fire spray, and fire protection gloves. Go to Prepared Hero and get fire safety tools now!