How to Use the Hero Defense Alarm

The Hero Defense Alarm is a great personal safety device and a must-have for anyone who wants to stay safe in a dangerous world. It produces a loud noise when activated, which can scare off an attacker or let others know you're in danger. But how exactly do you use this nifty tool?

Don't worry— it's easy! In the next few paragraphs, we'll explain how to use the Hero Defense Alarm. From knowing where to put it to activating it in a pinch, you'll be a pro in no time.

How to Use the Hero Defense Alarm in 5 Steps

Ready to take your safety game to the next level? Here's how to use the Hero Defense Alarm: 

1. Put it somewhere accessible.

how to use the hero defense alarm

Keep the Hero Defense Alarm within easy reach when you're going out. Remember, you should be able to use it quickly during an emergency. 

The Hero Defense Alarm comes with a snap hook, which you can clip to your belt hook, purse, keychain, or lanyard. Check which spot will let you quickly activate the alarm. Avoid putting it in your pockets or at the bottom of your bag since you might not reach it quickly enough. 

2. Familiarize yourself with the alarm. 

Read through the features of the Hero Defense Alarm to make the most out of it. These features include the pin that lets you activate the alarm. Meanwhile, the screeching siren and blinding light make attackers flee. It also comes with a snap hook and USB-C port for fast charging. 

3. Activate it when needed.

Hold the device in one hand and pull the plug when you're in danger. The Hero Defense Alarm will instantly activate its 130 high-decibel siren and strobe light. The loud sound and blinding light will make attackers run away. 

4. Put the pin back to its original position. 

The Hero Defense Alarm will continue ringing and flashing until you put the plug back into the device. It's designed this way so the attackers can't deactivate it during a struggle. It also makes it unlikely for you to accidentally activate the alarm since you have to pull the plug intentionally. 

5. Don't forget to charge it. 

The Hero Defense Alarm comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It can store enough power to keep the alarm running continuously for up to 40 minutes or make it last for months without use.

When you want to charge your device, connect the USB-C charging cable to a port. The Hero Defense Alarm recharges in 30 minutes. 


It's important to feel safe and secure when you're out. This is where the Hero Defense Alarm comes in. It's small, lightweight, and discreet enough for your peace of mind. Grab the Hero Defense Alarm today and go out with confidence, knowing you're well-prepared for any emergency. Stay safe, hero!