How to Use a Fire Blanket to Save Someone on Fire

You can save someone on fire using a fire blanket. Plus, it’s more helpful for someone inexperienced with fire extinguishers.

But how exactly do you use a fire blanket to save someone on fire? Let's find out. 

How to Use a Fire Blanket on a Person

You can prevent injury by wrapping a fire blanket around a person on fire. Here's how you can use a fire blanket to save someone on fire:

1. Release the fire blanket.

Pull the tabs to remove the fire blanket from its case quickly. The tabs are usually hanging out of the case for easy access. 

Make sure to put your fire blanket in an easy-to-see location (preferably on a fire blanket hook on the wall) so you can quickly grab it. 

2. Drape the blanket over the person.

Approach the person on fire with the fire blanket in hand. Maintain a safe distance from them and don't panic. Then, use the blanket's edges to protect your hands. 

Next, speak to them clearly and calmly so they understand you're there to help. Carefully put the blanket over them. Use more fire blankets if you need more than one for the person on fire.

3. Roll the blanket around the person until the fire is covered.

Continue to roll the blanket on the person. The goal is to cover the flames with the blanket entirely. Be thorough and ensure that no part of the fire is uncovered.

4. Instruct the person to stop, drop, & roll. 

tell the person to stop, drop, and roll

Calmly tell the person to stop, drop, and roll. To do this, they must stop moving, drop to the ground, and roll. Doing this ensures that the fire is properly extinguished. 

5. Seek medical attention immediately.

seek medical attention

Burns should be checked by a medical professional as soon as possible. Even if the burn looks minor, it should still be checked. You can also check our guide on how to treat a second-degree burn to help someone until you can take them to the ER.  

6. Throw it away.

throw the fire blanket

Fire blankets are designed for single use. If you use it to help someone on fire, you must throw it away afterward. 

Wait until the fire blanket cools down before throwing it away. Just to be safe, you can douse it in water before disposal.


A fire blanket can save someone on fire. It's simple to use, making it more efficient in putting out fires. Just pull it out, drape it over the flames, and bam― you can be the hero someone needs. 

So go on, get a fire blanket for your space. It's an easy move that can make a huge difference in a fire emergency. If you need a reliable fire blanket, check out the Emergency Fire Blanket and Hero Fire Blanket now!