How to Prevent Smoking and Vaping From Causing Fires

Did you know? Over 500 people are killed in home fires caused by cigarettes and other smoking items each year. Research also shows that there were 7,800 fires, 275 deaths, 750 injuries, and $361.5 million lost because of smoking-related fires each year. 

Smoking isn't just a health hazard. It's a fire hazard as well. So, if you're smoking, vaping, or in the process of quitting, this guide can help. 

In this post, we'll talk about how to prevent smoking and vaping from causing fires. 

How to Prevent Smoking From Causing Fires

Smoking at home puts everyone at risk. Do the following to prevent smoking from causing fires: 

1. Never smoke in bed.

never smoke in bed

Smoking in bed is extremely dangerous because you can easily fall asleep. Once you're sleeping, the cigarette might fall to your sheets or carpet and start a fire. 

Plus, bedding and carpets can quickly catch fire and produce toxic smoke, making evacuating your house more dangerous and difficult. 

2. Never smoke when taking medication.

never smoke when taking medication

Certain medicines can make you drowsy and impair your judgment, making it dangerous for you to smoke. Sedatives, pain medication, and the like can affect your cognitive and motor skills, increasing the risk of home fires. 

3. Put out your cigarette after using it. 

put out your cigarette after using it

You must put out cigarettes properly to prevent them from starting fires. You should stub them out in a large, heavy, non-tip ashtray until they're cold. You can also douse them with water or sand to make sure they're totally extinguished. 

4. Keep matches and lighters away from children.

keep matches and lighters away from children

Children are naturally curious. As a result, they may play with matches or lighters, which can start accidental fires. 

Keep them out of reach and sight to prevent accidents. You should also teach children fire safety so they have a sense of awareness and responsibility from a young age. 

5. Never leave lit cigarettes, cigars, or pipes unattended.

never leave lit cigarettes, cigars, or pipes unattended

Unattended cigarettes, cigars, or pipes can fall onto flammable materials and start a fire. So make sure never to leave them unattended, especially when you're in places with a lot of flammable materials, like your garage or workshop. 

How to Prevent Vaping From Causing Fires

Although vaping has a lower fire risk than smoking, it can still start a fire. Follow these tips to prevent vaping from causing fires: 

1. Buy from reputable brands.

buy from reputable brands

Buying vapes and accessories from reputable brands ensures they comply with fire safety standards. Avoid counterfeit or cheap vapes since they're more prone to malfunctioning and causing fires. 

2. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines when using your vape. Ignoring these instructions can lead to overheating or malfunction. 

3. Charge your vape properly.

charge your vape properly

One of the main reasons why vapes start fires is overcharging. Always use the charger that comes with the device. Never leave your vape charging unattended and remove it once it's fully charged to prevent overheating. 

4. Keep your vape away from flammable items. 

keep your vape away from flammable items

Store your vapes away from items like cloth, paper, and gasoline. Vapes can get hot and can ignite nearby flammable materials. 

5. Dispose of it properly.

dispose of it properly

Vape batteries can catch fire if not disposed of properly. If your battery is swollen, leaking, or damaged in any other way, handle it carefully and dispose of it according to your local waste management authority's guidelines. 


Following the guidelines above can reduce the risk of fires associated with smoking and vaping devices. 

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