How to Prevent Kitchen Fires

The kitchen is the heart of a home, but it can also be dangerous. In fact, kitchen fires are the leading cause of home fires and fire-related injuries in the US. 

Here's how to prevent kitchen fires and keep your loved ones safe:

1. Keep your kitchen clean.

keep your kitchen clean

Cooking leads to leftover food and grease buildup, which quickly catches fire. So, wipe up spills and always clean your cooking area with the right surface cleaner. You should also regularly clean cooking appliances like stoves and ovens. 

2. Watch what you're cooking. 

watch what you're cooking

Stay in the kitchen if you're cooking any food. If you must leave, have someone else watch what you're cooking. You can also set a timer and check it regularly to make sure your food doesn't burn. 

3. Install smoke detectors and fire sprinklers.

install smoke detectors and fire sprinklers

Put a smoke detector and fire sprinkler inside or just outside your kitchen. However, harmless incidents can set off the alarm, leading people to turn them off. If this happens, turn the smoke detector and sprinkler back on. 

4. Keep your kids away from the kitchen.

keep your kids away from the kitchen

A child can grab a pot of hot water and spill it on themselves. If it contains oil, it can instantly start a fire. So, keep your kids away from the kitchen as much as possible.

5. Put flammable items away from heat sources.

put flammable items away from heat sources

Be careful of what you put near heat sources, such as the stove or oven. A paper towel or curtain near a heat source can catch fire even if it's not in direct contact with the flame. 

6. Have a fire extinguisher or fire spray on standby. 

A fire extinguisher or a fire spray can save lives. However, a fire extinguisher is expensive and heavy. If you need a lightweight and easy-to-use alternative, the Hero Fire Spray is the answer to your problems. 

Here are the differences between the Hero Fire Spray and a regular fire extinguisher:

Hero Fire Spray Regular Fire Extinguisher
Lightweight, easy to carry Heavy, hard to carry
Easy to store Needs more space for storage
Can put out all types of fire at home Can only put out specific types of fire
100% biodegradable Mostly made of non-biodegradable materials
Non-toxic Toxic
Easy to clean Hard to clean
Safe for kids and pets  Not safe for kids and pets


We also made a guide on how to use the Hero Fire Spray properly. 

7. Don't overheat oil.

don't overheat oil

Let's be clear: cooking oil is not technically flammable, but it can easily catch fire. Plus, grease fires are the top cause of kitchen fires. When oil reaches its flash point, it can burst into flames. For this reason, you must always be aware of the temperature of your oil when frying food.


Keep your family and property safe from kitchen fires by following the guidelines above to keep your children safe. 

As an extra precaution, assemble a fire safety kit with a fire spray, fire blanket, smoke mask, and fire protection gloves. Don't wait until it's too late—secure your kids' safety by getting fire prevention tools from Prepared Hero now!