How to Find Hidden Cameras in Your Hotel Room

Did you know? About 60% of Americans are worried about hidden cameras in hotels and vacation rentals. Plus, 11% of vacation home renters discovered hidden cameras during their stay, according to a survey. 

Potentially getting spied on during your vacation is scary. Here's how to find hidden cameras in your room: 

1. Conduct a physical search.

conduct a physical search

Start with the most common places, including the bedroom and bathroom. Hidden cameras are small and can fit inside clocks, picture frames, and smoke detectors. They might also be lodged inside an unsuspicious book or a cute teddy bear. 

Next, turn off the lights. Use a flashlight to look for small, reflective surfaces because they might be camera lenses. You should also look for out-of-place wires or oddly positioned decorative items. Lastly, be careful of anything new or any changes in the room's setup. Remember, you must search the whole room, leaving no corner unexplored.

2. Use a hidden camera detector.

If your physical search didn't detect any cameras, but your gut tells you something's off, it's time to use technology. Use a hidden camera detector like the Hero Privacy Pen to ensure your safety. It can pick up the reflection from camera lenses, letting you know of their presence.

To use the hidden camera detector, turn the lights off first. Then, sweep the detector across the room. If it detects a hidden camera, the Hero Privacy Pen will release a sound and light up. 

Here's a table summarizing the differences between the Hero Privacy Pen and a physical search:

Hero Privacy Pen Looking for Devices Yourself
Detects most devices Time-consuming
TSA travel friendly Tedious
Discreet and lightweight Eyes alone might miss devices
Simply aim and detect
Trusted by professionals  

3. Check connected devices on the Wi-Fi network.

check connected devices on the wi-fi network

Most hidden cameras are connected to Wi-Fi, so you should check your hotel's or rental's network. 

First, access the router's settings. Doing this will show a list of devices currently connected to your Wi-Fi network. If you find anything unfamiliar, that device could be a covert camera tapping into your network. 

What to Do if You Detect a Hidden Camera

Detecting a hidden camera in your room can be scary, but you shouldn't panic. First, don't touch the camera because you might destroy valuable evidence. Then, take photographs and document your findings.

Next, contact the police and report your discovery. Inform a trusted person― a friend, family member, or neighbor― about your situation. Having someone else aware of your circumstances is crucial for your safety.


Privacy is a fundamental right, but ensuring it in today's high-tech world can be challenging. But you can protect your personal space with a careful eye, the right tools, and knowledge.

If you find a hidden camera, remember to stay calm, document everything, and contact the authorities. Remember, being vigilant is your best defense against criminals.