How to Dispose of Used Fire Sprays

Fire sprays are effective in putting out small fires quickly. However, they’re not designed for reuse. Knowing how to dispose of fire sprays once they’re used or expired keeps everyone around you and the environment safe.

In this post, we’ll talk about how you can dispose of used fire sprays properly. 

Fire Sprays Are Not Meant to be Reused

First of all, we have to bust the myth that fire sprays can be reused.

You see, a fire spray isn’t designed for single use. You can’t reuse it because there might not be enough left in it to extinguish another fire. This can also put you in danger since you might think that there is enough substance left in the can. Imagine having to use a fire spray only to realize that there’s not enough substance coming out of it. 

So here’s the golden rule: replace your fire spray immediately after using it. Having multiple fire sprays in storage also helps so you don’t have to order a replacement each time. 

Can You Recycle Fire Sprays?

Yes, you can recycle fire sprays. While the substance inside varies from one brand to another, fire spray cans are often recyclable.

To prepare them for recycling, empty the can. Then, depending on your local waste authority’s guidelines, throw them with other metal cans or separate them. 

How to Dispose of Used Fire Sprays in 5 Steps

Here’s how you can dispose of used fire sprays properly: 

1. Ask your local waste management office.

Contact your local waste management office to see if they have specific guidelines for disposing of used fire sprays. Some fire sprays might contain toxic chemicals that might be considered hazardous waste, so your local waste management office has guidelines for disposing of them safely. 

2. Make sure the fire spray is empty.

Press the nozzle until all the contents are out. This ensures that there’s as little substance left inside as possible, so it’s easier for the recycling facility to clean the can.

Fortunately, the Hero Fire Spray, Vapor Clean Fire Spray, and Dry Stop Fire Spray are organic and non-toxic, which means you can flush their contents. Unlike traditional fire extinguishers, their contents won’t clog or corrode your pipes.

3. Remove any plastic accessories.

Remove any plastic components of the fire spray, such as the nozzle or the cap. Doing this helps you segregate the metal can for recycling. 

4. Put the fire spray in a bag.

Place the can in a bag and seal it properly. Then, label it properly. Next, place the plastic components in a separate bag.  Depending on your local waste management office’s instructions, you can throw the container with metal cans and the plastic parts with other plastic waste or not. 

5. Dispose of it properly.

Throw the container in a metal-only trash can or send it to a recycling facility that processes metal. Do the same with the plastic parts. 

You can also see if your local waste management office accepts discharged fire sprays with household trash. If it does, just throw away the trash bags and let the authorities pick them up. 


Throwing away used fire sprays plays a huge role in protecting your loved ones and conserving the environment. So, print or bookmark this guide to make sure you’re disposing of used fire sprays properly. Stay safe, hero!