How to Choose the Right Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are designed to quickly and effectively put out small fires before they become uncontrollable. However, you must choose the right fire blanket for this to happen.

Plus, not all fire blankets are created equal. Some have excellent quality, while others don't. That's why in this post, we'll talk about how to choose the right fire blanket. 

How to Choose the Right Fire Blanket

Here's how to choose the right fire blanket for your needs: 

1. Think about what you're going to use it for.

Will you use the fire blanket to protect your home or workplace? Do you want to protect your warehouse or laboratory? 

At home, fire blankets are great for small kitchen fires, like grease fires. In laboratories, warehouses, or factories, fires can be caused by chemicals or machines. These often lead to bigger fires. 

Knowing what you'll use the fire blanket for helps you pick the right one. 

2. Know what size you need. 

You must also know what size your fire blanket must be. 

You see, fire blankets come in many sizes. Regular fire blankets like the Hero Fire Blanket and Emergency Fire Blanket are typically used in kitchens or cars. 

On the other hand, larger blankets like the XL Hero Fire Blanket and XL Emergency Fire Blanket can be used in bigger spaces like offices and warehouses. They can also be used to save someone on fire.  

3. Consider how you're going to store it.

Think about how you will store and access your fire blanket. 

Some fire blankets have mounting options that allow you to hang them on walls through fire blanket hooks. Unfortunately, others don't come with this feature. 

Choose those with mounting options to easily access them when needed. Remember to place your fire blankets in visible locations (e.g., kitchen wall and garage door) from which you can quickly grab them. Remember, quick and easy access to fire blankets makes a huge difference during a fire emergency. 

4. Check the standards. 

You should also pick a fire blanket that meets local and international standards. The current standard for fire blankets is BS EN 1869:1997, which evaluates how fire blankets must perform when putting out small fires or wrapping someone on fire. 

Given this, check whether the fire blanket you're eyeing meets the BS EN 1869:1997. If they don't, you better look for a fire blanket that does. Remember, you can't leave putting out a fire to chance. 

5. See how easy it is to use. 

On top of meeting the right standards, consider how easy it'll be to use the fire blanket during a fire emergency.

Does the fire blanket have straps or handles? Can you easily mount them on the wall? How fast can you take it out of its container when needed?

These are the questions that you must answer when choosing a fire blanket. Remember, fire blankets with straps or handles mounted on the wall make them easier to grab. 

6. Think about how many you need. 

The number of fire blankets you need depends on many factors, like the size of the area and fire hazards around you. Check out our guide to know exactly how many fire blankets you need

If you need more than one blanket, look for ones that come in packages. Fire safety brands like Prepared Hero offer discounts if you buy multiple fire blankets.  


Picking the right fire blanket protects you from fires at home or work. Think about where you'll use it, what size you need, and if it's easy to use and store. Make sure it meets safety standards, too. Getting the right fire blanket can make a big difference in a fire, so you better invest in one now.

If you want fire blankets that meet the criteria above, check out the Hero Fire Blanket and Emergency Fire Blanket now. Remember, you can never be too ready for a fire. Stay prepared, hero!