How Many Fire Sprays Do You Need at Home?

Fire sprays help you put out fires before they turn into huge, harmful disasters. But how many fire sprays do you need at home? 

But there's no universal answer to this. The correct number depends on many factors that we'll discuss below. 

Factors to Consider

Here are the factors that you must consider when determining how many fire sprays you need at home:

Home Size 

how many fire sprays do you need

First, consider the size of your home and how many floors it has. One fire spray isn't enough if you have a huge house with two floors.

You should have at least one fire spray in the living room, kitchen, garage, and on each floor. However, one to two fire sprays might be enough if you live in a small apartment with one floor. 

Building Layout 

how many fire sprays do you need based on building layout

You should also consider the square footage of your house and the layout of your rooms. According to the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), you should have a portable fire spray within 75 feet. 

Fire Hazard Level

how many fire sprays do you need based on fire hazard level

The fire hazard level is another factor to consider when determining how many fire sprays you need. 

Light Fire Hazard

If most of the materials in your house are not combustible and arranged in a manner that will prevent fire from spreading quickly, a fire spray must be within 75 feet of any given point.

Ordinary Fire Hazard I

Buildings have an ordinary hazard level if they have a slight but not negligible fire risk. This is usually because of flammable liquids in such buildings. Fire sprays should be placed every 75 feet

Ordinary Fire Hazard II 

These buildings usually include hardware stores and parking garages. They usually have flammable materials, but not enough to be an extra hazard. These places should have one fire spray or fire extinguisher every 30 to 50 feet from each other.

Extra Fire Hazard

An extra hazard building needs larger extinguishers. They must be placed every 30 to 50 feet from each other.

How Many Fire Sprays Do You Need?

Based on the data above, we recommend at least one fire spray per person and one per high-risk location (e.g., kitchen, garage). This is usually four to 12 Hero Fire Sprays. We offer bundle discounts to help with pricing. The more cans you buy, the more affordable they become.

However, fire sprays are useless if you don't know where they are. So, know where all your fire extinguishers are to get to them quickly if a fire occurs. Doing this gives you a better chance to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home.

Note: it's always better to have more fire sprays than less. Remember, you can't be too secure when it comes to fire safety. 


Fire sprays are a critical line of defense against fires, especially those that spread fast. If you want a reliable, quick, and affordable fire spray, check out the Hero Fire Spray. While you're at it, check out the other fire safety tools we have in store for you. Stay prepared, hero!