How Many Fire Blankets Do You Need at Home?

A fire blanket can extinguish small fires and protect people from flames. It is made of fire-resistant materials that can withstand extremely high temperatures. 

But how many fire blankets do you really need? Read more to find out. 

Factors to Consider

The number of fire blankets you need depends on many factors, including the following: 


Will you use the fire blankets in your home, workplace, commercial kitchen, laboratory, or another type of facility?

If you're going to use it at home, one fire blanket per person and one per high-risk location (e.g., kitchen, garage) will be enough. If you're using it at your workplace, there should be at least one fire blanket in the break room and kitchen. You need more depending on the number of floors or sections.

On the other hand, a laboratory needs at least three blankets per floor. They must be placed at crucial points, especially near areas with flammable materials. Commercial kitchens need at least four blankets, depending on the size and layout.

Size of the Area

Larger places need more fire blankets placed throughout to ensure they're easily accessible during a fire. 

Small places like a typical apartment or office need at least three fire blankets. Medium ones, like a larger office, need at least four blankets distributed across the premises. Lastly, large places, like big businesses and warehouses, need at least five fire blankets (one per major section).

Potential Fire Risks 

Places with higher fire risks need more fire blankets. For example, a chemistry laboratory needs more than a regular office. 

Low-risk areas, including regular offices and apartments, need at least three fire blankets. Areas with moderate risks should have at least four fire blankets, while high-risk ones should have at least five. 

Local Fire Codes and Regulations

Places have different requirements for how many fire blankets need to be available. Local fire codes and regulations usually base this on the building size, fire hazard level, and type of work done.

Depending on local laws and safety regulations, the necessary number may go higher or lower. Hence, you must ask local authorities about the specific number of fire blankets needed. For instance, a local fire code might mandate a specific number of fire blankets per occupant or worker.

How Many Emergency Fire Blankets Do You Need at Home? 

We recommend at least one Emergency Fire Blanket per person and one per high-risk location. This is usually four to 12 blankets. We offer bundle discounts to help with pricing. The more fire blankets you buy, the more affordable each piece becomes. 

However, these are general estimates. The exact number varies based on specific circumstances and local regulations. 

Note: it's always better to have more fire blankets than less. Remember, you can't be too secure when it comes to fire safety. 


Fire blankets put out fires by depleting them of oxygen. They also protect you from glass shards that might explode when a fire occurs. 

If you want a reliable and reusable fire blanket that never expires, check out the Emergency Fire Blanket. While you're at it, check out the other fire safety tools we have in store for you. Stay prepared, hero!