How Long Does a Fire Spray Last?

A fire spray can get rid of fire in seconds if there’s enough content in it. But if your fire spray expires or gets damaged over time, you put your loved ones and property at risk. 

So, how long does a fire spray last? Let’s find out.

Why Your Fire Spray Needs to Be Replaced

Here are the reasons why you should replace your fire spray:

Dust and Dirt Buildup

Too much dust and dirt might accumulate on your fire spray’s nozzle, which can clog it and affect its effectiveness.

Rust and Moisture 

A damp environment can produce premature rust on your fire spray cans. This can cause the can to break or the spray to malfunction.

Bumping or Dropping 

The container might break if you drop your fire spray from a high place or bump it into something heavy.

How to Tell if a Fire Spray Is Expired

Now that you know why your fire spray needs to be replaced, it’s time to know how to tell if it’s expired. 

It’s Used to Put Put a Fire 

One fire spray can usually put out a small fire, so you might want to replace yours if you use it to extinguish fire. In some cases, you need two fire sprays to put out a fire, so make sure you have extra in store. Check our guide if you want to know how many fire sprays you need

Check the Container’s Condition

If the container has dents or the tamper seal is broken, replace your fire spray right away. Remember, the contents must be kept in an airtight container, so dents and broken seals might cause it to malfunction. 

Inspect the Components 

Check if all parts of the fire spray are in place. Look for loose components or missing tags. 

How Long Does a Fire Spray Last?

Fire sprays don’t have a definite expiration date, but experts recommend replacing them after use. 

You can’t reuse a fire spray because there might not be enough left to put out another fire, which jeopardizes its effectiveness. 

If you used the fire spray but didn’t use all of it, spray the remaining content on the embers or hot spots to prevent the fire from reigniting. 

You should also keep in mind that you must replace your fire spray every three to five years if unused. But if the manufacturer tells you to replace it sooner, follow them. 

Think about this: replacing a fire spray after using it once is more affordable than having a burned down house or paying for medical bills. Fire sprays are worth the investment because they give you peace of mind and prepare for when a fire occurs.


Using a fire spray is a quick and effective way to put out a fire, and you must know when to replace it. 

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