Do's and Don'ts When Using the Hero Fire Spray

If you have the Hero Fire Spray, you're already one step ahead in the safety game. But before you fight fire, let's have a crash course. In this post, we'll talk about the do's and don'ts when using the Hero Fire Spray. 


Here's what you must do when using the Hero Fire Spray: 

1. Read the label.

Thoroughly read the label and understand it before using the Hero Fire Spray. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the information as soon as possible. You can also check out our guide on how to use the Hero Fire Spray

2. Regularly check the fire spray's condition.

Regularly inspect your Hero Fire Spray. Look for any signs of damage and wear. Make sure the tab is intact and not tampered with. 

A malfunctioning fire spray is a no-no in an emergency, so you must perform these checks regularly.

3. Use the correct fire spray type. 

Using the wrong fire spray can be dangerous. For example, using a water-based fire spray on a grease fire can cause splattering and spread the fire.

While the Hero Fire Spray can be used for common house fires, it's best to double-check. You can also check out our specialized fire sprays― the Vapor Clean Fire Spray and Dry Stop Fire Spray― to see which suits you best. 

4. Maintain proper distance.

Use the Hero Fire Spray from a safe distance (three to four feet). Being too close to the fire at the beginning can put you at risk of inhaling toxic fumes or getting burns. Meanwhile, being too far from the fire might make the spray ineffective. 

5. Spray properly.

Make sure to spray the contents at the base of the fire and work your way around until the flames die. Do this until you completely extinguish the fire. Remember, remaining embers or hot spots can reignite and restart the fire.


Here's what you shouldn't do when using the Hero Fire Spray: 

1. Don't rush towards the first unprepared. 

Although you may want to rush toward the fire to prevent it from spreading, you must take a few seconds to make sure you're doing things safely. Look at the fire source and see how fast it's progressing. If it’s progressing too fast, call the authorities.

2. Don't use it if it's damaged. 

Do not use the Hero Fire Spray if it looks damaged or tampered with (e.g., missing tab, cracked nozzle). 

3. Don't use the fire spray against the wind. 

This may seem obvious to some, but aiming the nozzle against the wind won't help you put out the fire. It'll also just waste your money. 

4. Don't assume the fire is out. 

Don't immediately think that the fire won't reignite. Continue monitoring the area for flare-ups.

5. Don't try to tackle a large fire on your own. 

The Hero Fire Spray is designed to extinguish small fires. Call 911 or your local fire station for professional help if you're dealing with a huge fire. 


Not all heroes wear capes— some use the Hero Fire Spray. By following the do's and don'ts above, you keep your loved ones safe. Stay ready, prepared hero!