Can You Reuse a Fire Spray?

Fire sprays put out fires before they cause too much damage at home. They also leave less residue than fire extinguishers and are ideal for small apartments and car emergency kits.

Given this, many people want to make the most out of their fire sprays by using them more than once. 

But is it safe to reuse a fire spray? Let’s find out. 

Can You Reuse a Fire Spray? 

No. You can’t reuse a fire spray because there might not be enough left in the can to put out another fire.

You see, fire sprays are not designed for reuse because they’re made for emergencies. Plus, every fire is different. Depending on how big the fire is, you might need more than one can of fire spray. 

If you used the fire spray to put out a fire but didn’t empty it, we suggest spraying all its content to avoid the embers or hot spots from reigniting the fire. Simply press the button until the can is empty. 

How to Throw Away Fire Sprays

Good news for eco-loving people― fire spray cans can be recycled. To prepare it for recycling, make sure that the can is empty and the plastic components are removed. 

Then, throw it in a metal-only trash can or any recycling facility that processes metal. You can also reach out to your local waste management facility to see if it accepts discharged fire sprays with household trash. 

If it does, you may put the fire spray can in a trash bag along with household trash and let the authorities pick it up. 

Fortunately, the Hero Fire Spray is organic and non-toxic, which means it’s safe to flush its content. Unlike fire extinguishers, the Hero Fire Spray won’t clog or corrode your pipes.

How Often Should You Replace Your Fire Spray?

You should replace your fire spray after using it to put out a fire. Throw it away and get a new one to keep your family and property safe.

But if your fire spray’s unused, experts recommend replacing it every three to five years. And if the manufacturer of the fire spray tells you to dispose of it sooner or later, follow them instead. Most fire sprays have expiration dates printed on them. 

Don’t Take the Risk 

Remember, replacing a fire extinguisher after a single use is much more affordable than making repairs after a devastating fire. It’s always worth the investment to have a fire spray you can rely on rather than worrying about what to do in case a fire occurs.


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Unlike regular fire extinguishers, the Hero Fire Spray doesn’t leave a mess for you to clean up after a fire. It’s also easy to use and is safe for pets and kids. 

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