Are Exposed Wires Dangerous?

One of the biggest fire hazards at home is exposed wires. They’re a common electrical fire safety issue that you should act on right away. 

But are they really that dangerous? Can you still use appliances with exposed wires? Let’s find out. 

Are Exposed Wires Really Dangerous?

Yes, exposed wires are dangerous. They pose many risks, including electrical shock, appliance damage, and electrocution. Here are the risks associated with exposed wires: 

Electrical Shock 

risks of exposed wires electrical shock

Exposed wires can cause electrical shocks. Live, exposed wires can shock whoever’s holding them, causing injuries, burns, and even death.

You see, the human body conducts electricity. So when it’s in direct contact with live, exposed wires, the electrical current can pass through the body, resulting in injuries or burns. 

In particular, exposed wires are dangerous for children because they’re naturally curious and unaware of the risks related to exposed wires. Hence, you must watch out for exposed wires at home and handle them right away. 

Electrical Fire

risks of exposed wires fire

Exposed wires also increase the risk of electrical fires. Live, exposed wires left unprotected and in contact with flammable materials like wood, paper, and fabric can generate heat. 

This can ignite nearby materials and start an electrical fire. The fire can spread fast throughout your house, causing damage and putting lives in danger. 

Damage to Appliances

risks of exposed wires damage to appliances

Contrary to popular belief, exposed wires can damage electrical appliances. When exposed, wires can come in contact with moisture, metal, and other conductive materials. 

When this happens, short circuits occur, which results in the appliances malfunctioning or not working at all. Plus, repairing or replacing damaged appliances can be expensive, which adds unnecessary financial burdens to your household. 

System Overload

risks of exposed wires system overload

Exposed wires can also overload your electrical system. When wires are exposed and their insulation is compromised, electrical flow increases. This can result in a system overload, which causes fuses to blow and circuit breakers to trip. In worse cases, it can cause system failure, leaving you with no electricity and expensive repairs. 

Hidden Wires

risks of exposed wires hidden wires

Some exposed wires can be hiding within ceilings, walls, or appliances. These hidden wires are more dangerous since they’re not noticeable. You may not be aware of the danger until it's too late, making preventive measures impossible.

Exposed wires hidden within walls, ceilings, and appliances can also deteriorate over time because of heat, moisture, and pests. This degradation can lead to more risks, including electrical fires, short circuits, and arcs. 


Exposed wires pose a lot of risks that you shouldn’t take lightly. You must be aware of these risks to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property.

Aside from knowing the risks, you should also have a fire safety kit in case an electrical fire starts because of exposed wires. Complete a fire kit with an emergency fire blanket, fire spray, fire protection gloves, and smoke mask to protect your family. Go to Prepared Hero and shop for fire safety tools now!