7 Reasons Why You Need This Fire Safety Gadget... Advice From A 25-Year Fire Fighter.

The Prepared Hero Fire Spray is currently one of the hottest gadgets in home safety. It’s a vital device that can save your home from disaster. See why thousands of people and many fire departments recommend them!

1. Stop Fire In Seconds


There are over 358,000 house fires in the USA every year. Almost all of them start small and are controllable.

Use the Prepared Hero Fire Spray to safely eliminate fire from a distance.

Just aim the canister directly at the fire and spray! Watch it instantly diminish before getting out of control.

2. Anyone Can Use It

It’s lightweight and built for ease of use. From grandparents to kids, the Prepared Hero Fire Spray works great.

Heavy and complex equipment is a thing of the past!

3. Faster Cleanup

Unlike most traditional fire extinguishers, you won’t have to deal with a huge white powdery mess after. Simply wipe up any minimal foam that may be left behind.

4. Works On Most Types of Fire

Most small fires can be eliminated within seconds of directly being sprayed. This includes common fires like wood, paper and grease fires. Especially once the heat or fuel source has been turned off.

5. Made In & Ships From The USA

The Hero Fire Spray is manufactured and shipped right here in the USA. It's a WIN-WIN situation!

You're helping small business and employees stay afloat during economic hard times, while getting fast, local USPS delivery!

6. Customers & Fire Fighters Love Us

Many Fire Departments and Fire Fighters approve of Prepared Hero Fire Spray. See what some people are saying:

"I was toasting taco shells in our large toaster and it caught fire! My husband grabbed the device, aimed and sprayed for about 5 seconds then the fire was gone!!"

"I accidentally set a paper plate on the stove and had to put it out with this stuff. Really works. I recommend having a couple on hand just in case. just point and spray. I'm so glad I had this."

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My final words of advice to you... as a retired Fire Captain with 25 years of experience fighting fires...

You may be asking... Why is it so vital to own this fire safety device?

Shouldn't I just wait for the Fire Department to arrive?

Statistics show that the average Fire Department response time is at least 4 minutes away.

Within 3 minutes of a fire in modern day homes, the entire room will already be up in flames. Within the first 60 seconds of a house fire, smoke is so intense and filled with toxicity from plastics that two breaths can cause you to pass out.

Eliminating fire while it's still small is essential in preventing disaster.

The Prepared Hero Fire Spray was designed exactly for this type of emergency situation. It's an affordable and simple way to prevent this life-threatening event from ever occurring.