How to Care for Your Fire Blanket

Even though fire blankets usually don’t expire, you should still care for and maintain them so they work when needed.

But how exactly do you care for your fire blanket? How do you make sure it’s going to be effective? Let’s find out. 

How to Properly Care for Your Fire Blanket

A fire blanket is an important fire safety tool. Whether it’s in a kitchen, workplace, or laboratory, knowing how to properly care for your fire blanket ensures that it works during an emergency. 

1. Store it in a place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

When fire blankets are exposed to moisture, high temperatures, and chemicals, their effectiveness might be compromised. 

Given this, you should always put your fire blanket in its designated pouch away from direct sunlight, moisture, and chemicals. You should also make sure that your fire blanket is not right next to fire hazards like cooking oil and candles. 

2. Inspect it at least once a year.

Experts suggest inspecting your fire blanket at least once a year. 

Start by inspecting the fire blanket from the outside. Check for any signs of damage, such as frayed edges, holes, and discoloration. The blanket should be clean and free from any contaminants affecting its effectiveness. If you notice any damage, replace your fire blanket right away.

Then, carefully remove the blanket from its pouch. Gently unfold it, and as you do, look for folds, creases, or any irregularity. Smooth out any wrinkles to make sure that your fire blanket can cover the fire properly.

Next, fold the blanket and put it back into its pouch. Lastly, check the tabs and make sure they’re intact for quick deployment. 

3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Some manufacturers tell you how to use and care for your fire blanket. If this is the case, follow their instructions. Be familiar with these instructions so you don’t panic during emergencies. Find out more about how to use a fire blanket here

4. Don’t reuse it if it’s damaged. 

Most fire blankets are not designed to be reused. However, there are some cases in which you can reuse a fire blanket.

For instance, you pulled the fire blanket out to put out a kitchen fire. However, you turned off the stove on time and the fire quickly died out. Since the fire blanket didn’t come into contact with the fire, you can fold the blanket and put it back into its pouch.

Sturdier fire blankets like the Emergency Fire Blanket and Hero Fire Blanket can be reused even if they come into contact with fire. You can wipe them off and put them back into their pouches if they're not damaged after use.


Follow the tips above to keep your fire blanket in top shape. Remember, a fire blanket can save your and your family’s life. Stay prepared, hero!