5 Survival Skills You Should Know Before Winter Starts

If you appreciate the outdoors, there isn't much that can keep you from experiencing all the adventures that winter activities offer. Good winter survival preparation is essential if you love skiing, hunting, camping, or a leisurely trek.

This post explains the essential skills you must familiarize yourself with before winter.

Top 5 Winter Survival Skills

Here are the most crucial winter survival skills:

1. Making a fire.

Being able to build a fire is crucial for cold-weather survival. 

For one, you have to try to look for a dry place. Next, use downed pine and pencil-sized tree branches to get the fire going. 

It goes without saying that you should first warm your hands with whatever kind of fire you can create. In an emergency, construct a raft with the resources at hand. 

2. Creating a nighttime shelter. 

A good shelter is vital in many ways. The psychological comfort it gives you shields you from the elements and keeps guests from the animal kingdom at bay. 

Depending on the survival situations you find yourself in, there are several ways to find sanctuary. You should avoid dead trees, cliffs, and dry river banks. A refuge near a source of water would be ideal.

Remember that your aim in an emergency isn't comfort. It will get you through the night until you can determine your position and make a good shelter.

Additionally, it should be no bigger than necessary. Plus, avoid sleeping on the ground as much as possible.

3. Getting (and staying) dry and warm. 

Protecting yourself from temperature drops is critical since cold weather might impair your body's capacity to fight diseases and illnesses. You may help yourself remain healthy during the winter by staying warm.

Wear coats, jackets, caps, scarves, gloves or mittens, earmuffs, and warm underwear such as union suits and socks.

4. Staying healthy and hydrated. 

Hydration is critical in the winter because cold air is dry air. A study by the University of New Hampshire found that the risk of dehydration increases during the colder months. 

People often forget to drink enough water when the temperature decreases. So, stock up on liquid-rich meals and beverages before winter. Then, set a consumption target for the meals and drinks. 

Plus, as the temperature drops, our bodies must work harder to remain warm. When this occurs, our brain signals the body to consume more calorie-dense food. As a result, it takes more calories to create energy.

Hence, you must prepare and store healthy food to keep yourself healthy and energized for the winter. 

5. Preparing a survival kit. 

You might want to prepare your survival pack in advance. This should include your first aid kit, electric lighter, emergency sleeping bag, and solar battery.

These tools will help keep you safe and sound when emergencies strike during winter.


It's always a good idea to be ready for the winter. Becoming familiar with the survival skills above will help you make it through the season. 

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