Why A Former Fire Captain and Navy Veteran Says The Essential Prepared Hero Fire Blanket Could Save Your Family and Home

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Prepared Hero Fire Blankets

It's one tool many Fire Departments will tell you to grab.

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What Customers Are Saying...
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"Get one before this happens to you"

Our kitchen mess after a minor grease fire melted the bottom of the microwave. We spent about $600 replacing stuff and on cleaning products, plus about 20 hours scrubbing soot, dust, and molten plastic. If I had known these existed and thrown one over the stove instead, problem solved. Now I know too late, save yourselves the trouble!

"So Important!"

Easily one of the most important safety items you can have in your home! I keep multiples in my house, one for each family member. Better safe than sorry.

"Nice product, would recommend"

Nice product, the material is thick and feels like good quality . I’m using it as a flame/ heat barrier to protect my deck from embers from the barbecue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where does it ship from? How long does delivery take?

North America (US/CA): Domestic orders will be shipped via USPS from our USA warehouses. A tracking number will be issued to your email. Typical delivery takes 2-5 days from order.

International: All other countries typically take up to 2-4 weeks to arrive.

All non fire blanket orders ship depending on product and customer location and have delivery times between 2-4 weeks.

Click here for more information on our shipping policies.

Can I use it on any type of fire?

The Emergency Fire Blanket can successfully put out any source of fire that is smaller than the blanket itself. This includes electric fires, grease fires and more.

What sizes do they come in?

The Emergency Fire Blanket by Prepared Hero is 3.2 ft by 3.2 ft.

We also now carry a larger size: 3.9 ft by 5.9 ft. This is large enough to wrap around your body for a fire escape scenario. Click here to order the larger size.

Where should I store my fire blanket? Can I hang it?

The best place to store your Fire Blanket by Prepared Hero is in high danger areas. This could be in your kitchen or heavily trafficked areas of the home, garage, vehicle, RV or camper.

We recommend hanging them in cabinets so that it's ready for use in an instant.

We designed a custom stainless steel hook that fits the Fire Blanket by Prepared Hero. It has extra strength adhesive to ensure the hook doesn't fall off.

Click here to order Stainless Steel Fire Blanket Hooks.

Can I reuse the emergency fire blanket?

Yes! So long as the fire blanket isn't damaged, it can be reused. There can't be any holes or damaged materials. If it's just soot then it can be wiped off and reused.

Is there an expiration date?

There is no expiration date. The Emergency Fire Blanket never requires costly maintenance or recharging. As long as the blanket is in good condition, it will not expire.

Are they approved in America?

Yes, they are commonly recommended by fire departments and emergency services. This product is CE HS&E certified and meets EN-1869:1997 standards.

Are there PFOA's in this?

The Emergency Fire Blanket is woven out of fiberglass and does not contain any PFOA's.

Do you offer larger bundles?

Yes! If you need more than 4 Fire Blankets, you can visit our product page here. We have 8 packs that come out to $17.99 each.

Looking to place a bulk order of 100 or more? Reach out to support@preparedhero.com for a custom quote.