7 Ways to Use the Hero Poncho for Survival

The Hero Poncho is more than just rain gear. It’s a crucial part of your survival kit, which can save your life. 

While the Hero Poncho is mainly used for protection, you can also use it in many survival situations― all of which are discussed in this post. 

How to Use the Hero Poncho for Survival

The Hero Poncho is a versatile item that protects you from the elements, serves as a makeshift bag, and more. Here are the top ways to use the Hero Poncho for survival: 

1. Personal Protection

Use the Hero Poncho to protect yourself from rain, wind, and other elements. It also raises your body temperature by reflecting your body heat, which prevents hypothermia. In particular, the Hero Poncho uses NASA-designed mylar to retain 90% of your body heat.

Having the Hero Poncho in your emergency kit or family bug-out bag is one of the most important safety decisions you can make. When you’re in the wild, things can go from good to bad in seconds. The Hero Poncho is the difference between survival and death in cold weather.

2. Shelter

You might need to look for shelter, especially when a storm or blizzard is looming overhead. Fortunately, you can use the Hero Poncho to create a makeshift shelter. 

To do this, look for a sturdy pole or branch. Then, tie one end of the poncho to it. Next, use rocks or stakes to secure its corners to the ground. This will give you basic shelter from blizzards, storms, rain, and the like. 

3. Ground Cover

Sleeping on the ground is not fun, but if you’re in the middle of nowhere with nothing to lie down on, the Hero Poncho is your best friend. 

Lay the Hero Poncho on the ground to create a barrier between you and the ground. This is especially useful if the ground is damp or wet. 

4. Water Collection

Do you need to collect water for drinking or other purposes? The Hero Poncho might just be what you need. 

You see, the Hero Poncho can turn into a container. Just create a small depression in the ground by digging or placing a rock on it. Secure the edges to prevent the water from leaking. As the rain pours, the Hero Poncho will collect water.

5. Bag

The Hero Poncho can be your improvised backpack if you need to carry items or gather food in the wild. Just put the items in the center, get the corners together, and tie or twist the poncho to create a makeshift bag.

6. Cold Compress

If you or someone in your group gets injured or sick, the Hero Poncho can help. Just fold your poncho, and create a depression in the middle. 

Then, put snow, ice, or cold water in the middle and wrap the edges around it. Twist or tie the poncho to keep it in place. Lastly, put the cold compress against the injury. This should help until rescuers find you or you can go to a medical professional. 

7. Trail Marker

The Hero Poncho is bright orange, so you can turn it into trail markers. Simply tear off the poncho and wrap the pieces around branches or bushes. Doing this can help you track where you came from if you get lost in the woods. 


The Hero Poncho is a must-have for anyone who loves the outdoors or needs to be ready for emergencies. Having it means that you’re thinking ahead and staying safe. So, what are you waiting for? Get the Hero Poncho now and ensure your and your group’s survival. Stay prepared, hero!