The Ultimate Guide to the Vapor Clean Fire Spray

The Vapor Clean Fire Spray is a revolutionary fire spray from Prepared Hero that puts out the most common fires, including those caused by lithium batteries, grease, wood, or paper.

But how does it work? How do you use it? Who can use it? Where should you put it? How many do you need? 

This post features everything you need to know about the Vapor Clean Fire Spray. 

How Does the Vapor Clean Fire Spray Work?

The Vapor Clean Fire Spray contains a water-based fire-extinguishing agent that quickly cools fires. It also prevents sparks from reigniting by drenching hot spots that might form. 

Plus, you can directly spray the Vapor Clean Fire Spray onto someone who catches fire. It is made of organic and non-toxic components that are safe for humans and pets. 

The Vapor Clean Fire Spray has been rigorously tested for dependability and is approved by emergency response officials across the US. It's also CE HS&E-certified and meets EN-1869:1997 standards.

More affordable than fire extinguishers and safer than home remedies, the Vapor Clean Fire Spray is one of the best fire safety products on the market. Here are the differences between the Vapor Clean Fire Spray and a regular fire extinguisher:

Vapor Clean Fire Spray Regular Fire Extinguisher
Lightweight, easy to carry Heavy, hard to carry
Easy to store Needs more space for storage
Can put out all types of fire at home Can only put out specific types of fire
100% biodegradable Mostly made of non-biodegradable materials
Non-toxic Toxic
Easy to clean Hard to clean
Safe for kids and pets  Not safe for kids and pets

How to Use the Vapor Clean Fire Spray 

Here’s how to use the Vapor Clean Fire Spray the right way: 

1. Tear the tab off.

First, tear the tab off and hold the can three to four feet away from the fire.

2. Aim at the base of the fire. 

Next, aim the nozzle at the base of the fire instead of the flames. If you aim the spray at the flames, you'll make the fire worse. 

3. Spray from side to side. 

Next, press the button to release the contents. Sweep the can back and forth. Keep aiming the nozzle at the base of the fire, and work your way around the area until the flames die. 

Don't stop spraying until you completely extinguish the fire. Any remaining embers or hot spots can reignite and restart the fire.

4. Discard after use.

We don't recommend reusing the Vapor Clean Fire Spray because there might not be enough left in the canister to extinguish another fire. Depending on the size of the fire, you might need more than one can.

Where Should You Put the Vapor Clean Fire Spray?

Keep the Vapor Clean Fire Spray in high-risk locations, like the kitchen and garage. Make sure you store it in easily accessible locations.

You can also put it in your bug out kit, in your car emergency kit, and bring it on camping trips to extinguish out-of-control campfires or barbecues.

How Many Do You Need? 

We recommend at least one Vapor Clean Fire Spray per person and one per high-risk location. This is usually four to 12 cans. We also offer bundle discounts. The more cans you buy, the lower the price goes. 

Who Can Use It?

Almost anyone can use the Vapor Clean Fire Spray from Prepared Hero.

Older family members, teens, and—with proper, responsible instruction— kids can use the Vapor Clean Fire Spray to put out small fires before they become huge disasters.


With a water-based formula, the Vapor Clean Fire Spray puts out fire without the mess. Portable and affordable, you can use it in the kitchen, car, or on a camping trip. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your family's safety and peace of mind by getting the Vapor Clean Fire Spray now! While you're at it, check out other fire safety tools from Prepared Hero