Teaching Kids How to Use the Emergency Fire Blanket

Did you know? Ninety percent of fire-related deaths are due to house fires. Hence, teaching kids how to use the Emergency Fire Blanket is crucial in preventing fires.

While having your kids put out small fires isn’t ideal, you have to teach them anyway so they know what to do when needed. 

Teaching Kids How to Use the Emergency Fire Blanket in 5 Steps

The Emergency Fire Blanket is safe for kids, so they can use it even when you’re not around. Here’s how to teach your children how to use the Emergency Fire Blanket: 

1. Teach them the basics.

First of all, teach your kids the basics of the Emergency Fire Blanket. Tell them that the fire blanket is designed to put out small fires and that they shouldn’t attempt to put out a big fire on their own.

Your kids should also know when to call 911 and your local fire department. Avoid scaring your kids with fire since this might result in them not doing anything when they encounter one. 

Lastly, teach your kids to exit the house if the fire becomes too big and show them where to meet outside. 

2. Introduce the tool carefully.

Introduce the Emergency Fire Blanket to your kids by talking one-on-one with them. Tell them the benefits of the Emergency Fire Blanket and how important it is for them to learn how to use it. 

While the Emergency Fire Blanket is a helpful tool, don’t forget to remind your kids that prevention is always better than cure. Tell them never to play with fire and always stay at least three feet away from fire sources. 

3. Show them how to use the fire blanket.

Use a safe, controlled fire when showing your kids how to use the Emergency Fire Blanket. You can use paper burning in a trash can, a small stove fire, or the like. 

Then, show your kids how to pull the tabs and cover the fire. Next, turn off the heat source and tell them to wait for the fire to die. 

After this, slowly let your kids do the same by holding their hands as they pull off the tabs and cover the fire. Once you’re confident they can manage, let them put out the small, controlled fire on their own. Make sure to watch every move they make so you can put out the fire in case something goes wrong. 

4. Make learning fun for them.

Fire safety doesn’t have to be boring. Make the process fun as your children continue to learn about using the Emergency Fire Blanket. 

You can talk about using the fire blanket casually, create fun activities involving it, or give them a fun quiz about using the fire blanket properly. 

5. Practice with them.

Practice using the Emergency Fire Blanket at least once every three months during different times of the day. You can also do this along with your fire drills and escape plans. 


Kids are naturally curious, and fire can be one of those things that they get curious about. So, it’s best to teach them the basics of putting out a small fire so they know what to do when something goes wrong. 

Plus, their brains are like sponges capable of absorbing information, so you better take advantage of this. Happy teaching!