Stay One Step Ahead of High-Tech Criminals With the Hero Privacy Pen

If you're concerned about your privacy and security while traveling or moving to a new place, the Hero Privacy has your back. With an easy-to-use design and loads of features that prevent people from spying on you, this tool is a must-have. Read on to learn how to stay one step ahead of high-tech criminals with the Hero Privacy Pen. 

How the Hero Privacy Pen Fights High-Tech Criminals

From audio bugs being more affordable to hidden cameras being smaller, everyone should consider getting a privacy tool. Unfortunately, not all privacy tools are made equal. 

Thankfully, the Hero Privacy Pen is on the more reliable side. Here's how this pen fights even the most advanced criminals: 

1. The Hero Privacy Pen detects many types of surveillance devices.

stay one step ahead of high-tech criminals with the hero privacy pen

The Hero Privacy Pen is designed to detect many types of spying devices, including hidden cameras, GPS trackers, and bugs. It uses advanced technology to determine if something emits wireless signals, making it the ultimate tool for discovering covert devices.

However, some criminals don't use spying devices with wireless signals. For this reason, the Hero Privacy Pen comes with an infrared detector, which detects the reflections produced by lenses. 

2. The Hero Privacy Pen is discreet.

the hero privacy pen is discreet

Gone are the days when we lugged clunky hidden camera detectors around. 

The Hero Privacy Pen is compact and lightweight. You can easily carry this nifty tool in your pocket, purse, or luggage. Its simple design also lets you use it without drawing unnecessary attention. 

On top of that, the Hero Privacy Pen has silent and vibrating modes. Use the silent mode if you want to be extra careful. On the other hand, use the vibrating mode to be instantly alerted whenever there's a spying device around you.

3. The Hero Privacy Pen is more than just a hidden camera detector.

Aside from detecting nasty surveillance devices, the Hero Privacy Pen also lets you know if someone's forcibly trying to open your door. 

Simply arm the device, and it will produce a piercing sound for 30 seconds when the knob moves. Check out this guide for more information on how to use the Hero Privacy Pen

4. The Hero Privacy Pen is TSA-friendly. 

the hero privacy pen is tsa-friendly

We've heard horror stories of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) not letting people bring specific stuff with them when traveling.

For this reason, we designed the Hero Privacy Pen to comply with TSA regulations. You can bring it while traveling without worrying about being blocked by security. 

5. The Hero Privacy Pen is easy to use.

You don't have to be a techie to use the Hero Privacy Pen. Simply point it in the direction of the area you want to check. Don't forget to check everyday items for hidden cameras or audio bugs since most criminals hide them there. 


Whether you're traveling around the globe or settling into a new place, the Hero Privacy Pen is your new best friend in fighting snoops and spies. It's small, lightweight, and easy to use— perfect for keeping your private life private. 

Try it and see how it can give you peace of mind wherever you are. With the Hero Privacy Pen in your pocket, you're always one step ahead. Stay private, hero!