I Defended Myself Against A Thief With My Bare Hands. Here’s How…

Growing up as the daughter of a police officer, my dad was always teaching me to be safe. I’d always roll my eyes and tell him he was being overprotective.

Once I moved out on my own, my dad would end every phone call with more safety tips he’d already taught me. “Dad, I know! I love you!” I’d tell him and hang up the phone.

Never did I think that any of the things my dad warned me about would ever happen to me.

No one ever thinks that. But the sad and frightening truth is that 1 in 3 women in the U.S. are assaulted in their lifetime, over 5 million people are assaulted each year, and 267,988 robberies occur per year nationwide.

I Almost Became Part Of Those Statistics.

It was a night like any other night where I came home from work and it was already after dark. I’d had a long day and I just wanted to get inside to warm up my leftovers from my favorite restaurant I’d gone to the day before.

I could practically taste it and was wrapped up in the idea of eating those comforting flavors I’d waited to taste all day when out of nowhere, a man dressed all in black with a ski mask pulled over his face jumped out.

He had something in his hand aimed at me through his overcoat pocket. Was it a gun? Was it his hand? I couldn’t tell you.

Time froze for me in that moment. I stood there in shock. I suddenly thought of my dad and wished he were there to help me.

And that’s when I remembered. My dad was indeed with me in the form of a gadget he’d gotten me for my keychain. It was something that I had put on my keychain when he gave it to me to placate him, thinking I’d never ever need to use it.

It was on the very keychain that was in my hands at that precise moment.

My fear suddenly abated and I realized I could defend myself against this towering thief of the night with my bare hands.

And that’s exactly what I did.

In a flash, I activated this personal safety device and it unleashed a blaringly loud siren sound and began flashing brightly.

While the thief had his face covered with the ski mask, I could see the whites of his eyes widen in terror as the alarm went off and the bright, blinding strobe light flashed. He took off running at a speed so fast, it made me sad for him that he chose a life of crime rather than pursue a career in sports.

This Personal Safety Device Saved My Life.

My dad isn’t the only police officer that recommends the Hero Defense Alarm. I’m so glad I had it with me. Ever since this ordeal, I’ve been trying to raise awareness for other women, for the elderly, college students, late shift workers, for moms with little ones, and really for everyone because it is such an effective safety measure to have and it’s so easy to use.

Other similar devices don’t create as loud a sound. The Hero Defense Alarm emits 130 screeching decibels that will command anyone’s attention. It’s also super-simple to activate and requires no strength to pull the trigger. The flashing strobe light illuminates everything and draws more attention, which scares the heck out of thieves and attackers.

The Hero Defense Alarm saved my life that night. Tonight, it could save yours.

I could easily have been part of those statistics I mentioned. But thanks to the Hero Defense Alarm, I was able to fend off an attack using only my hands.

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