How to Fix Exposed Wires at Home

Exposed electrical wires are a fire hazard that should be handled immediately. They increase the chances of electrical fires because they can get hot, leading to a spark that can start a fire. 

But what if you have exposed electrical wires at home and can't have a professional come in right away? What should you do? In this post, we'll talk about how to fix exposed wires at home. 

How to Fix Exposed Wires at Home: A Step-By-Step Guide

Exposed wires are dangerous because they can start fires that can quickly spread. Here's how you can fix exposed wires at home until a professional can come in: 

1. Identify the exposed electrical wire. 

identify the exposed electrical wire

The first step to fixing exposed wires at home is identifying them. Isolating a cable you think is exposed lets you determine whether it needs attention.

First, turn off the power supply. Make sure your hands are dry and don't stand on a wet surface to avoid electric shocks. Use a non-contact voltage tester if you're uncomfortable or unsure about doing this.

Next, look for visible signs of damage, including seeing inner metal wires or colored wires poking through the cable. Exposed wires can also protrude or look swollen. 

You should also inspect areas where wires usually suffer from wear and tear, including under your furniture and near hinges. Look out for discoloration, burning smells, or sparks― signs that the insulation has been compromised. 

Additionally, appliances that flicker, unexpectedly turn off, have burning smells, and produce unusual sounds might have exposed wires. 

2. Turn off the electrical circuit. 

turn off the electrical circuit

Determine which electrical circuit the exposed wires are connected to. Once done, switch off the connection by shutting down the breaker. Doing this lets you work safely without being shocked or burned. 

3. Wrap minor damage with electrical tape.

wrap minor damage with electrical tape

Use electrical tape if the damage is minor and you're confident handling it before the electrician arrives.

Put electrical tape over the damaged area. Press it down on top of the exposed area and wrap it tightly. Continue doing this three more times. Then, cut the electrical tape and stick the end down.

Next, stick electrical tape on the cable to the right side of the area you just taped. Slightly overlap it with the first section. Wrap the electrical tape around the cable four times and cut it. Do the same thing on the other side of the damaged area. 

Putting electrical tape on the undamaged areas to the sides of the exposed wire strengthens the cable and helps prevent further damage. 

4. Call an electrician.

call an electrician

The electrical tape method only works for minor damage, such as those found on phone chargers, headphone cords, and power cables on small appliances. Electrical tape also wears out, so it's best to call an electrician for advice.

If the damage is huge, call a certified electrician. Replacement might be the only solution, especially if the cable is heavily damaged and many electrical wires are exposed. 


Exposed wires put your loved ones at risk. While minor damage can be temporarily fixed, it's best to call a certified electrician to assess the damage and fix the problem properly. 

In some cases, exposed wires can start fires without your knowledge. Keep your family safe by having a fire kit with an emergency fire blanket, fire spray, fire protection gloves, and a smoke mask. Go to Prepared Hero and shop for fire safety tools now!