How to Choose the Right Personal Defense Alarm

In an ideal world, you won’t need a personal defense alarm to protect yourself against criminals. Unfortunately, criminals are still around. Thankfully, a personal defense alarm scares them off and lets other people know you need help.

To help you stay safe while commuting, camping, or walking alone, we gathered the best tips for choosing the right personal defense alarm.

How to Choose the Right Personal Defense Alarm to Scare Off Attackers

There are many factors to consider when choosing a personal defense alarm, but here are the top tips for choosing the right one:

1. Know what you’ll use it for. 

how to choose the right personal defense alarm

Do you need something small and discreet so the attacker won’t notice it in a dark alley? Do you want to wear your alarm or put it inside your bag?

If you have specific needs― like a loud alarm that people can hear even when they’re across the street― make sure the device you pick meets your needs. For instance, the Hero Defense Alarm has a 130-decibel siren. If you don’t know how loud that is, 130 decibels is equal to the sound of a jet taking off.

2. Consider how comfortable you want it to be.

Another factor you should consider is how comfortable the safety alarm is. If you’re looking for a device suited for running or hiking, get a small, lightweight alarm. If you want something you can attach to your bag or belt loop, pick one with a keychain hook like the Hero Defense Alarm.

Discomfort is among the most common complaints among users. After all, how can you expect to stay safe if you can’t comfortably wear or carry your personal defense alarm? 

3. Think about the battery life and rechargeability.

think about the battery life and rechargeability

A personal defense alarm is only as good as its battery life. So, pick an alarm with a long-lasting battery that charges fast and doesn’t require frequent charging.

Personal defense alarms that last for months without use are better. You should also choose ones that can last for at least 30 minutes when continually used. This way, people (hopefully cops) can hear your call for help and respond immediately. 

4. Look for a reliable and durable alarm.

Personal defense alarms should be reliable when needed and durable enough to withstand drops or rough handling. So, pick a dependable one made from high-quality materials. 

Remember, many cheap personal safety alarms are poorly built and easily malfunction. It’s better to pay a premium for a device that’ll last a long time and keep you safe when you need it most. 

5. Check its features.

check its features

Choose a personal safety alarm with features that will increase the chances of potential attackers running away. 

Extra features such as plugs, bright front lights, and simultaneous light and sound effects make criminals flee quickly. 


At the end of the day, consider your needs and preferences when choosing a personal defense alarm. Additionally, pick a personal defense alarm with a long battery life, durable build, and extra features. Doing these gives you peace of mind and less fear when camping, running, hiking, or walking alone. 

Are you looking for a personal defense alarm that fits the criteria above? Check out the Hero Defense Alarm now! Stay vigilant, prepared hero!