How to Add Personal Defense Alarms to Your Daily Routine

Staying safe nowadays means being proactive about your personal security. One of the best ways to do this? Using personal defense alarms. These handy tools protect you from attackers and draw attention when you need help.

But how exactly can you add defense alarms to your daily routine? In this post, we’ll talk about where to place your personal defense alarms, so you can use them when needed. 

1. Attach the alarm to your bag.

attach the alarm to your bag

Personal defense alarms often come with keychains. Thanks to these keychains, you can easily attach the alarm to your bag. You can also attach it to your belt loop, backpack, or house keys for easy access. 

2. Carry it in your pocket.

carry it in your pocket

If you don’t have a bag or a belt, place your personal defense alarm in your pocket. This is also a convenient option if you’re jogging, walking your dog, or taking a stroll in the park. Doing this gives you peace of mind, especially when you’re alone or feel vulnerable.

3. Keep one on your nightstand.

keep one on your nightstand

Keeping a personal defense alarm on your nightstand protects you from home intruders. It also comes in handy for those who live alone, especially the elderly. Having an alarm within arm’s reach at night is crucial during emergencies. It alerts other family members, neighbors, or nearby police when you’re in danger. 

4. Keep an alarm in your car’s glove compartment.

keep an alarm in your car’s glove compartment

A personal defense alarm is a must for your car emergency kit. Keep one in your glove compartment for when you encounter a threatening situation when returning to your parked car or if you're trapped inside. A loud alarm can draw attention to your situation and scare off criminals.

5. Keep one in your home office or workstation. 

keep one in your home office or workstation

You should also ensure your safety in your home office or workplace. Keep a personal alarm on your desk. If you're in danger, use it to signal for help. A personal defense alarm also keeps you safe even when you're busy with work.

The Hero Defense Alarm

Unfortunately, not all defense alarms are created equal. If you want a reliable personal defense alarm, check out the Hero Defense Alarm. This tool has the following features that help keep you and your family safe.

Screeching Siren

When in danger, just pull the alarm plug. It will immediately sound a 130-decibel siren (130 decibels is as loud as an ambulance or police siren).

Blinding Light

The siren works with a bright strobe light to further confuse the aggressor while lighting the area.

Makes Attackers Flee

Combined, they trigger a powerful flight response in the attacker's brain, causing them to flee instantly.

Here's a table showing the differences between the Hero Defense Alarm and regular personal defense alarms:

Hero Defense Alarm Other Alarms
130 screeching decibels Not as loud as alarming
Blinding bright light No light settings
Same-side siren and light design Light on the back blinds yourself
USB-C fast charging Requires watch batteries
Lasts for 40 continuous minutes Not rechargeable
Lasts for months without use  Dies fast


Adding personal defense alarms to your daily routine creates a safer environment for yourself every day. So, invest in your safety today by getting the Hero Defense Alarm. While you’re at it, check out the other safety tools you can add to your personal safety arsenal.