How Personal Defense Alarms Help Keep Runners Safe

Running can be pretty daunting when you’re alone. Carrying a personal defense alarm while running lets you get help during a crisis. 

But how exactly do personal defense alarms help keep runners safe? Let’s find out below. 

What Is a Personal Defense Alarm?

A personal defense alarm (also called a personal safety alarm) is a small, handheld device that activates a siren when pulled or pressed.

Models like the Hero Defense Alarm come with a snap hook, which you can clip to your purse, belt loop, or keychain. You can also clip it to a lanyard, which you can wear around your neck. 

When you use the Hero Defense Alarm, it activates its 130 high-decibel siren and blinding strobe light. People who have used this device feel safer on trails and at night. 

Why Runners Should Use Personal Safety Alarms

Here are the top reasons why runners should use personal defense alarms: 

1. Personal safety alarms trigger criminals to run away. 

personal safety alarms trigger criminals to run away

Personal defense alarms produce loud alarms that can startle a criminal enough to stop them in their tracks. The sound is really loud— about as loud as a jet taking off. It also gives you some time to run away. 

Additionally, some models have flashing lights that further scare attackers and increase your visibility. This feature helps a lot when you’re running on an isolated trail with a few people around. 

2. Personal defense alarms attract attention. 

personal defense alarms attract attention

If you’re in trouble, the last thing you want is to be unnoticed. You need to attract attention so other people, especially patrolling cops, can help you.

Fortunately, the high-pitched sound of a personal safety alarm can draw the attention of people nearby. This is also helpful if you get injured while running or can’t call out for help. 

Personal defense alarms don’t just scare off attackers; they also let others know you need help. 

3. Personal safety alarms are easy to use.

personal safety alarms are easy to use

Simplicity is key during dangerous situations. Personal defense alarms come with an easy mechanism, like a pull pin or button. You can activate them quickly, even when you’re running or your hands are shaking. There are no complicated instructions— just simple tools you can rely on. 

Plus, personal safety alarms are designed to be runner-friendly. They’re small enough to clip onto your running belt, keychain, or hydration pack. They’re also lightweight enough that you won’t feel you’re running with one. 

4. Personal defense alarms boost your confidence. 

personal defense alarms boost your confidence

Knowing you can protect yourself makes all the difference in your confidence and peace of mind while running. 

When you feel safer, you can easily stick to your training plan, explore new trains, and enjoy your runs.


Personal defense alarms are a simple, effective way to protect yourself while running. They’re easy to carry and use and can boost your confidence.

Whether you’re just getting into running or training for your next marathon, consider adding the Hero Defense Alarm to your running essentials. Stay prepared, hero!