The Best Fireproof Gloves in 2023

An effective pair of fireproof gloves is crucial to any home and workplace fire safety plan. From moving coals around a hot grill to dealing with an oven fire, you must protect yourself. 

However, not all gloves are equal. With a wide range of materials and designs, which one should you buy?

In this post, we'll talk about how to choose the right gloves and where to get the best ones. 

What are Fireproof Gloves?

best fireproof gloves

As the term implies, fireproof gloves are designed to protect your hands from heat and fire. They're usually made of heat-resistant materials that can withstand temperatures ranging from hundreds to over a thousand degrees Fahrenheit. 

Welders, firefighters, and other professionals working with extreme heat or open flames typically use fireproof gloves. However, fireproof gloves are also handy at home.

In particular, you can use fireproof gloves when cooking, grilling, handling hot objects, or doing DIY projects at home (e.g., soldering or welding). 

Fireproof gloves also play a huge role in home fire safety. When a kitchen fire occurs, fireproof gloves protect your hands and arms from high heat, allowing you to safely handle hot objects or push fire debris as you escape.

These gloves and a reliable smoke mask let you navigate through a smoky or flame-filled house and save lives.  

On top of that, fireproof gloves help prevent fire from starting. When you cook using a stove or oven at home, fireproof gloves reduce the risk of fires. 

In addition, fireproof gloves work well with other fire safety tools like fire sprinklers, fire sprays, fire extinguishers, and kitchen fire suppression systems. When used with these tools, fireproof gloves can protect your loved ones and prevent injuries, fire damage, and death. 

Why You Need Fireproof Gloves at Home

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Fireproof gloves are extremely helpful when cooking at home, especially when you're cooking with heat sources like grills and ovens. Here are the top reasons why you need fireproof gloves at home: 


Whether you're frying food, handling hot pans and pots, grilling meat, or using a hot oven, fireproof gloves protect your hands. 

Aside from that, fireproof gloves make it easier and safer to hold hot objects like coal, letting you cook more efficiently. This is particularly helpful for those who frequently cook for huge groups of people since the risk of burns increases with the amount of food prepared. 

Fireplace Safety 

Fireproof gloves also come in handy if you have a fireplace or wood stove at home. In particular, these gloves let you move burning logs, arrange hot coals, adjust the fire, and more.

Fireproof gloves help you do such tasks safely, protecting your skin from extreme heat and preventing burns. On top of that, fireproof gloves make it easier to build and maintain a fire, letting you handle hot wood and other materials without getting burned. 

Lastly, fireproof gloves help you put out a fire pit safely. Remember, you should never touch hot firewood, coals, or other objects with your bare hands. Use fireproof gloves if you need to move the pit's contents. 

Emergency Situations

Fireproof gloves can help you survive fires. In particular, you can use fireproof gloves to move hot debris during a fire before the fire spreads and burns down your house. It also helps you and your family escape safely. 

This can be especially useful for people who live in areas prone to wildfire, where gloves can protect them during a wildfire evacuation

Additionally, fireproof gloves give extra protection as you escape from a burning vehicle or cook outdoors, making them ideal for a car emergency kit and family bug out bag

DIY Projects

Are you fond of DIY projects that involve welding or soldering? If yes, consider getting a pair of fireproof gloves. 

For instance, they can protect your hands and arms from sparks and hot metal. Similarly, fireproof gloves can protect you from hot glue when building furniture, doing crafts, or working on any home improvement project. 

How to Choose the Best Fireproof Gloves 

  1. Pick the right material.
  2. Look at the gloves' heat resistance.
  3. Choose the right size and fit. 
  4. Make sure the fireproof gloves are certified.

Unfortunately, not all fireproof gloves are effective. Cheap ones are made of low-quality materials that can't protect you from extreme heat. 

So, you must know how to pick the right ones. Here's how to choose the best fireproof gloves: 

1. Pick the right material.

flame-resistant gloves

First, you must consider the materials the gloves are made of. Different materials offer different levels of protection, flexibility, and strength, so you must choose wisely. 

For instance, Kevlar is lightweight and heat-resistant, while silicone is heat-resistant and waterproof. 

But in our opinion, aramid fiber is the best material since they're cut-resistant, extremely fireproof, non-conducting, and incredibly durable. 

2. Look at the gloves’ heat resistance. 

heat-resistant gloves

The heat resistance you need depends on what you'll be using the gloves for.

For instance, if you'll always use them for touching hot coals for grilling, you'll need a pair that can withstand high temperatures without melting or burning. Similarly, you'll need gloves that can resist over 800°F― the average fire pit temperature― if you have one at home.

In short, you must look for gloves that can withstand more than the temperatures you'll be working with. 

3. Choose the right size and fit. 

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Your fireproof gloves must fit snugly but comfortably. This allows you to properly control the objects you're handling without hurting yourself. 

Remember, gloves that are too tight or too loose won't let you work properly and will burn you. So, choose gloves that fit properly. Fireproof gloves come in several sizes, while others can be adjusted, so pick wisely. 

4. Make sure the fireproof gloves are certified. 

fire protection gloves

Pick fireproof gloves that meet the industry's fire protection and safety standards. Certifications from third parties like the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and EN (European Norm) ensure that the gloves you buy work. 

So, choose the ones with certificates. Otherwise, please don't buy them, since they're not worth your money and might endanger you. 

The Best Fireproof Gloves in 2023

So what are the best fireproof gloves in 2023?

While the best pair depends on your preferences and needs, we suggest investing in reliable gloves like Prepared Hero's Fire Protection Gloves

These gloves are lightweight and flame-resistant. In particular, they can resist temperatures up to 1,472°F. You can even move hot coals using them. Plus, they can withstand a sharp knife without you feeling a thing. 

Prepared Hero's Fire Protection Gloves are also made of aramid fiber, the same material used in aerospace and military. Additionally, aramid fiber works better than glass and steel of equal weight in terms of mechanical properties. It's also non-conductive, which means it can protect you from electric shocks. 

The tightly woven fiber distributes heat equally across the gloves, so you won't feel the heat of the things you're grabbing. On top of that, the gloves keep your skin cool and dry. Its design also lets you grip things easily so that burning logs or hot charcoal don't fall on you. 

Here's a table showing the differences between Prepared Hero's Fire Protection Gloves and typical gloves: 

Prepared Hero’s Fire Protection Gloves Regular Gloves
Fire-resistant Not fire-resistant
Resistant to sharp knives Not resistant to sharp knives
Made of aramid fiber Made of textile or silicone
Lightweight & breathable Not breathable
Machine-washable Tears in washer
Put out fire Catch fire
Protect you from burns  Don’t protect you from burns

What We Like the Most

Here are the things we like the most about Prepared Hero's Fire Protection Gloves:

Extreme Protection

These gloves protect you from the hottest objects at home for a long time. They also extend to your forearm, offering maximum protection from hot coals and grills.

Lightweight and Breathable

Many fireproof gloves are non-breathable and feel heavy, making holding hot objects hard. However, these gloves are lightweight and keep your hand cool. 


Prepared Hero's Fire Protection Gloves fit well for adult hands. The design allows the gloves to stretch for bigger hands and shrink for smaller hands, making them just right. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of gloves are fireproof?

Kevlar, Terry knit, and aramid gloves are fireproof. They can protect you from extreme heat and flames. 

Can heat resistant gloves catch on fire?

Yes, heat-resistant gloves can catch fire when exposed to direct flame with a temperature above its limit.

How do I choose heat resistant gloves?

Here's how to choose heat-resistant gloves: 

  • Pick the right material.
  • Look at the gloves' heat resistance.
  • Choose the right size and fit. 
  • Make sure the fireproof gloves are certified.


fire safety gloves

Fireproof gloves have transformed how we work and protect ourselves from heat and flame. 

So whether you're a home cook, seasoned firefighter, or a passionate DIYer, investing in a pair of high-quality fireproof gloves will pay off. Remember, there's no room for compromise when it comes to fire safety.

So, stay protected by getting these incredible gloves. Browse our top pick for the best fireproof gloves on the market― Prepared Hero's Fire Protection Gloves― to give your hands the protection they deserve. 

While you're at it, you might want to check out other fire prevention tools from Prepared Hero. Happy cooking!